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Monday, 31 May 2010

Green Arrow take on the General Election

Right then, lots to do on a Sunday Morning and so will make everything brief.  I will not ramble off writing words just for the sake of them and making the article any longer than necessary? Did I just do that?  Why yes I did.

Good morning BNP.  First let us have a look at some facts and figures from the general election that proves to me that the British National Party is an avalanche about to happen.  An avalanche that will crush the traitors who would hand our country over to alien invaders whilst denying our own children a future.   These traitors are filth.  They are beneath contempt and the British People will bring them to justice and I for one hope the penalty is death.

The Establishment
and their lickspittle thugs Searchlight and the SWP/UAF are crowing that the BNP was massively defeated during the general election.  Fiddlesticks - the general elections was not just about winning MPs(although that would have been nice), it was about winning the support of the British People for what is to come.  You do not know what is coming you say?  Come, come are you blind?  Any rate consider these facts.
  • In 2001   47,000  people voted British National Party
  • In 2005 192,000 people voted British National Party
  • In 2010 563,000 people voted British National Party.
Work it out for yourself.  The BNP is now an unstoppable machine.  When it wakes up a True Brit to the truth, those people never go back to the lies of the lib/lab/con alliance.  They help to spread the truth via their friends and family.  And it is that exponential growth that terrifies The Establishment.  You would have thought that Lady Margaret Hodge (nee Oppenheimer) with all her connections to the Nation Rapist Rothchilds would know about that little equation.  It is one they have used to steal the wealth of the world.

As for Hodges vomit about the "Miracle of Barking".  Her victory was no miracle.  It was a done deal what with the increase of moslems in her area up from 5% to 40% in just four years.  And we know what those people brought with them.  Ballot Rigging on a truly industrial scale.  That was no miracle it was just plain old simple fraud and Gerrymandering.

And if you want to know the scale of the fraud then consider this. 91 Labour MPs lost their seats during the general election.  Labours share of the vote fell across the country by 6.2% and yet they still managed to gain over 400 councillors.
Looking again at Barking, where there was a huge influx of moslems we can see from the councillors names elected to replace the BNP councillors, there was not one indigenous British name among them,  There are currently 165 cases of ballot fraud being investigated with I  think about over 50 of these being in Barking alone.

So when you consider it, the chairman of the BNP, Nick Griffin MEP done exceptionally well to double the vote in barking to a more than respectable 6,620 votes which is the highest number ever cast for a BNP member or indeed any British Nationalist party candidate.

And yet despite the Postal Ballot Fraud, Ballot Rigging and importing of voters, allowing non British citizens to vote, the British National Party's change in vote across the country increased, beating UKIP, Lib Dems and all the other parties with the exception of the cabbage patch kids party - the conservatives.

So if the Establishment wish to whistle in the dark about beating and defeating the BNP, let them.  The British National Party continues to grow and continues to advance and soon it will not just be British Nationalists that the parasitic New World Order have to fear but it will be an alliance of all Nationalists across Western Europe to start and then hopefully the world. 

So that is my personal take on the elections.  With the recent state sponsored upset in the Party dealt with we can now continue our advance.  If this was a BNP defeat then imagine what a BNP victory would be like? 

One last thing whilst I am here.  The moslems.  What about them.

Now the moslem influence was staggering - apart from the ballot rigging their sheer numbers had an huge impact on over 40 seats that Labour won or held (this site listed them before the election) where Labour did actually increase their share of the vote - and we of course know how.

Other moslem news from the election, was that there were 89 moslem candidates (up 20 from 205) and the number of moslem MPs has now risen from 4 to 8 and they are also seeing their numbers grow exponentially in the maternity wards as well as in the Voting Booths.

There is only one choice for any True Brit to help save Our Country now before it is too late and that is not just to vote for the British National Party but to join them, support them, donate to them every spare penny you can, because we are in a war that if we lose, there will be none of our kind left to tell of our history.  It will be eradicated from the memory of a moslem world.