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Monday, 31 May 2010

New areas for ethnic cleansing announced

New areas for ethnic cleansing announced

I wonder if the people in the areas listed in the image above, knew that their little bits of England were about to be targeted for enrichment when they voted for the Tri-Axis of evil parties instead of the British National Party during the recent elections.  Oh well.  You get what you ask for and it seems they have voted for lower house prices, disease, increased crime, rapes  and eventually white flight.
More than half a million immigrants a year are coming into the country, figures showed, and immigration over the 12 months to September added 142,000 to the population.

A total of 503,000 new immigrants arrived, 270,000 of whom were from outside the EU.

The number of people awarded citizenship rose to 203,790 in 2009, up 50 per cent on the previous year.
I suppose all these people who are planned to displace and eventually replace the true British People will swell the voting block of the Labour Party but I personally do not know where  all these Indians, Pakistanis, Bangladeshi, Nigerians, Turks and Zimbabweans are going to work as we have already exported our jobs to their countries.
However, I can see problems for local services, etc but these colonisers are not even in the European Union so by what rights are they allowed to come in and replace us in our own land?

Of course The Establishment (liblabcon) are concerned about just how the indigenous population might react to being displaced and replaced and are already making sure that the army is full of people who will shoot them, should they protest.  Highly unlikely if Eastenders is on but you never know. 

And it will not be British Soldiers shooting "British" People it will be the soldiers they are importing in to create a new Army - they dropped the word British a long time ago - that will pull the triggers.
The MoD said it was "proud to recruit high-quality people from countries with close ties to Britain".

Anyone from outside the UK wishing to sign up must be a British dual national, a citizen of the Irish Republic or from a Commonwealth country.

The statistics show 1,420 people from overseas joined the Army in 2008/09, compared to 30 in 2001/02.
In case you were wondering, there are 54 nations in the commonwealth including of course India, Pakistan and Bangladesh.  Do you think soldiers from those countries who join the Army would have a problem with shooting down protesting indigenous people.  No?  Neither do I?

And of course someone is going to have to give orders to these brought in mercenaries and who better than the Armed Forces Muslim Association

We have been betrayed big time people.  Our only hope now is not just the ballot box in the disUnited Kingdom but also by joining with other Nationalist Parties across Western Europe to create a Pan European Nationalist Movement that sweeps away the forces of evil by using not just the ballot box(which they have rigged) but also civil disobedience.