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Tuesday, 18 May 2010

The threat to the Western male

The threat to the Western male

I make no pretense other than that this article is purely speculative, I have no current scientific evidence to support the hypothesis which I shall put before you. However, that is inevitably the way in our current world, if one seeks to examine theories which travel beyond the strictly enforced boundaries of permitted orthodoxy and to question the inflexible dogmas governing currently acceptable truths.

Outside the realms of what is permitted there is no science, there is no research, established doctrines can not be questioned, and no funds are available to support anyone who dares to do so.

Therefore, when asking questions such as those I am about to ask, the only option is to speculate, for in doing so, one has entered a domain where science dare not go. This is hardly surprising, the penalty for transgression can be severe. Cruel examples have been made of those scientists and writers who tried to enter no-man's land, the savaging of Herrnstein and Murray in the 1990's and the more recent reputation destroying demonisation heaped on Nobel Prize winning Dr James Watson for daring to speak against the doctrines of our age, will have warned others of the fate awaiting those who fail to obey.
Therefore, I make no apology for being unable to support my speculation with current science, for we live in an age where were a scientist to provide such support, or even Investigate the possibility, he would, of course, never be permitted to work again.

The topic I wish to discuss, but can not support with scientific data is what may actually be the cause of the falling fertility rates amongst some sections of Western Society. Over recent years none of us can have missed the articles which keep appearing in newspapers and magazines reporting the drop in fertility rates amongst Western Males. A recent report indicated that many as one in five healthy young men between the ages of 18 and 25 produce abnormally low sperm counts.

This report was greeted by the somewhat feigned hysteria by the Daily Mail with the warning that men, as a group, could become infertile within a few generations. Clearly if this were true it would lead to the death of the human race, given that scientists have not yet mastered the manufacture of human sperm from radishes, bananas or ocean plankton, which would enable the continued survival of the Sapphic Utopia which some man haters dream might follow.

However, given exploding birth rates worldwide, it would appear that this phenomenon is only effecting Western males, there is certainly no evidence of falling fertility rates in the third world, in fact, very much the reverse would seem to apply. So, if we are to believe what we are being told, it is among white European males that sperm counts are dropping and fertility problems are increasing, however, is that really what is happening?

The newspaper reports focus on the male, because it is fashionable to belittle men, especially white men, but in fact the report states that the problem with male fertility “starts within the womb”, so, in fact, whatever is going on actually effects both sexes. Something is happening within the pregnant female body which is impacting on the fertility of the male child. What can that be?

Naturally scientists, researching within the parameters in which it is permissible for them to research, are seeking to identify environmental factors.

Of course many were quick to blame science's favourite villain, tobacco. Mothers who smoke, they claimed, were having an effect on the fertility of their unborn male child. However, this claim does not make sense, male infertility is increasing, whist smoking has been on the decline for decades. Smoking mothers did not hinder the baby boomers who were born to a generation who had smoked their way through the war and the (truly) “never had it so good” 1950's. A child born in 1955 was considerably more likely to have a mother who smoked, and smoked through pregnancy, than would be the case with a child born in 1985, yet it is amongst the children born in the late 1980's and 1990's, after smoking mothers became pariahs, that male sperm counts are falling.

In addition, in the same period smoking rates began to grow in the third world, especially in places like China and India where instead of causing fertility problems, the governments have employed progressively more desperate measures to control birth rates. Would the Chinese, amongst the most enthusiastic smokers on the planet, have had to introduce a one child per family rule, if there was a problem with Chinese infertility.

Other scientists have pointed to pollution as a possible cause, however, once again, why is it that the problem if disproportionately impacting on the West when parts of the Far East, for instance, experience far higher levels of “modern day” pollution than most of the West, and have done so for decades, without any evident fall in fertility rates.

Of course there are many other factors which could be at the root of the problem, but in an increasingly globalised world, it would be difficult to identify many environmental factor which exclusively effects a distinct section of Western society. It certainly isn't effecting all Western communities, as the booming growth in the Muslim community demonstrates.

There are, however, behavioural factors, and one behavioural factor in particular which has, in recent decades, impacted on White western society to a significantly greater degree than it has impacted on any other racial group on the planet. That factor is the instance of inter-racial sex and the production of mixed race children.

In no other part of the world have distinct racial groups mixed sexually to anything like the degree they have in the West, at least the White section of the west (Muslim families on the other hand have been known to murder daughters who so much as look at a member of a different race – whereas white girls are all but accused of racism if they do not jump into bed with the first black youth to call them “bitch”).

It is not just the girls, in Europe it is quite common to see a white man with an Asian woman, however, in Asia this is a very rare phenomenon, whilst liaisons between Asians and Africans are all but non-existent . In the Middle East, marrying members of other racial groups is very much a taboo, whereas in Africa, with the exception of the Cape Coloured group of mixed Asians, Africans and whites, interracial sex is almost unheard of, at least on a consensual basis.

It is the racist White Westerners alone who have willingly, and in increasing numbers, mixed their blood with other races, the same is not true in the homelands of those we have been mating with. It is now we, the white westerners who are experiencing fertility problems, whilst birth rates are soaring elsewhere in the world. Is there a connection?.

Scientist working in the Victorian age would have said there was a connection. Towards the end of the 19th Century and well into the early 20th Century it was a commonly held scientific belief, based largely on studies of interaction between whites and freed black slaves in North America, that interbreeding between races led to sterility by the third or fourth generation. Such beliefs have long since been decried as “racist” and few if any are the scientists who would dare voice such an opinion, but does that necessarily mean they were untrue?

There is much which is condemned as racism, not all of it is untrue.

I am, of course, speaking the unspeakable here, but that won't be the first time. The very suggestion that interracial sex could have serious and long term genetic problems is so unacceptable to the zealots of the modern orthodoxy, that no researcher would be permitted to investigate the possibility, and any who merely suggested it would be driven out of the profession.

But what if it is true?

It has long been claimed that race is nothing more than a social construct, however, recent findings suggest that may not be entirely the case. It has recently been discovered that all Europeans and most North Asians have around 4% Neanderthal in their DVA, however, black Africans have no Neanderthal DNA whatsoever. This in itself is evidence of a genetic difference, what else will science discover in future years?

The fact that one in five Western males are experiencing fertility problems would sadly fit with the number who are likely to have have some form of recently introduced mixed race ancestry, however distant, so the suggestion is not so very far fetched.

As I said, this is merely speculation based in an area where modern science fears to tread. As such I have no evidence to support my hypothesis, however, I submit to you that the theory fits the facts and is less easy to dismiss than some more popular explanations.

If it is correct, however, then science may be, for reasons of political correctness, deliberately ignoring a situation, resulting from deliberate government policy, which could not only have a devastating impact on our racial group but could mark the end of Western Society.