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Saturday, 22 May 2010

Black Woman who hurled torrent of racial abuse at White Neighbour escaped jail

A black woman who hurled a torrent of racial abuse at a white neighbour has escaped a jail sentence.

Church-goer Carol Maxwell launched a three-hour racist and foul-mouthed tirade at Andrew Thorn. During the verbal attack she called him a "honky" and a white b******.

Judge Charles Macdonald QC branded the 44-year-old (pictured left, by Mike Gunnill) "an entrenched racist". She denied racially aggravated intentional harassment, alarm and distress but was convicted by a jury.

Maxwell was sentenced to 26 weeks imprisonment suspended for 18 months and 200 hours unpaid work. Maidstone Crown Court heard Mr Thorn was walking towards his flat Sutton-at-Hone, near Dartford, in August last year when Maxwell swore and called him a "white honky".

Prosecutor Neil Sandys said: "He understands that to be a term of abuse. It is just the same as black or 'Paki'. "He didn’t want to respond and went into his flat. "The tirade of abuse continued for some three hours."

The victim saw a bottle fly through the air and smash next to his car, followed by Maxwell shouting. "At this stage, he could take it no longer and wanted to get assistance," said Mr Sandys. "Mr Thorn made allegations. He felt it was racist and threatening."

Maxwell, now of Rochester Street, Chatham, told the judge when she appeared for sentence: "I feel there has been some misunderstanding about this. "I am not a woman feminist organisation leader trying to protest racially.

"I just happen to have strong Christian principles I would stand by. I think there is an injustice I am here because of hooligans." Judge Macdonald told Maxwell, who represented herself, having sacked her solicitor and barrister: "I observed you at trial. "I reach the decision that you are, indeed, an entrenched racist.