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Friday, 14 May 2010

Bolton Election Officer Barks Up Wrong Tree!

By Horwich Nationalists may 2010
Bolton Election Officer Barks Up Wrong Tree!

A Bolton Election presiding officer has launch a scathing attack on the people who could not gain access to poling stations to exercise their Democratic rights at the general Election on May 6th.
 Micheal Richards from Bromley Cross Bolton , who was Presiding officer for the Breightmet ward in Bolton is Quoted in the B.E.N as saying

"those who ran out of time had only themselves to blame. He added: “I got back home at 11.30pm to see people whining on TV that they’d been deprived their right to vote because someone had closed the polls on time.
“For as long as I can remember, there have been busy elections — but nothing like this has happened before. I find it incredible that 15 hours is insufficient for people to organise themselves to vote.”

We at the Horwich Nationalists find it incredible that a election officer should come out with such a statement, when we strongly feel that the postal vote fraud system is now at a astronomical level, especially amongst the predominantly Asian areas of Bolton, were those elected are achieving majorities of over 2000; YES! 2000 majority in a local council election!

Has this officer no idea that in these moderns times that the British people are now working including travelling to and from work on average 12 hrs plus a day 5 & 6 days a week in order to make ends meet, due to the incompetence and over indulgence on lavish benefits to the 3 million plus immigrants it has allowed to freely enter in this country for it,s own political ends, And are also faced with years more of the same due to labours disastrous wasteful economic legacy.

Perhaps instead of slamming the ordinary hard working people of Bolton this election officer should offer suggestions to commissars of the People Undemocratic banana Republic of Bolton,and it,s Nu Labour Marxist MP,s of Bolton on how the the methods of casting your vote should be changed so that all can in a fair and democratic way exercise their right to vote! After all it is the Nu Labour Marxist policy to blame the people for there theories not working and not the Marxist theories themselves!

But we at Horwich Nationalist understand the plight of the ordinary worker after all we are them also. And would be positive and suggest that Nominations for elected office should be in by at least 6 weeks before polling commences. And that polling should take place on a Sunday and that the polling stations should be open from 6am to 11pm and that any the postal vote system should be abolished except for the Armed Forces and diplomatic Staff around the world, and be replaced with a system that means that you are allowed to cast your vote if absent on polling day only in person at a local civic building , with full proof of identity and eligibility to vote in a UK election, in the ward or constituency you are entitled to vote in from 4 weeks before the main ballot. And in the case of registered disabled people or people in Hospital a sealed securely sealed ballot box should be taken to them, expense is not a matter for concern when it come to the election of public officers in our view!
And finally to battle fraud a fixed prison sentence that must be rigidly enforced of a minimum of ten years imprisonment for any one found guilty of any including minor election voting fraud!!!!!!!!!!!!