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Friday, 21 May 2010

New Changes to Website: Avatars Added to Comments Section

New Changes to Website: Avatars Added to Comments Section  BNP Communications

The new BNP website is going from strength to strength as the highly popular Avatars have been re-added to the comments section.
Users only have to edit their profiles and upload an 85x85 pixel image to adorn their comments.
Very soon we will be launching new social networking features to the website which will allow BNP supporters and members to network, organise, plan and communicate once again.
If you haven't already registered an account with this website be sure to do so as this allows you to post comments under each individual news article.
It is vitally important for each and every BNP supporter to share the BNP website with friends and family, to help spread the message.
Be sure to visit the BNPtv website at