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Friday, 7 May 2010

A Time to Reflect by the Green Arrow election 2010

A Time to Reflect

It's a sad time I know, but a true Nationalist will not only do his or her bit during the elections and before, but will be there, waiting, working, and providing the bedrock for future victories certain to come. This site, and the Paltalk channel is one bit of proof. The other, is simply listening to what people are saying, and as it gets worse, which it will, our people can work like ''head doctors' , and use this to our advantage, promoting ideas, problem solvers, and the general ideology of pure bred British Nationalism with a hint of the world brotherhood of EIGHT PER CENT of it's population.... Yes folks, you know the ones, White People.

As things get worse, as they surely will, we will be rested from last night, and it's bruising reality, and we'll be even more knowledgeable about what Councilor Green called Britain in his speech last night at the end of polling announcements: ''Our Once great country, Britain, has become a Banana Republic, and if this election was fair, I'll eat my boots''.

Ballot boxes were coming in messy, with the contents inside not matching the supposed numbers within. Also, a major but unprovable potential ''fraud'', was the New Labour, bloc voting certainty, ''Postal Votes''. Yes folks, the immigrant bloc vote, and the FACT that a certain Muslim ''Labour'' Councilor, had a polling station inside HIS HOUSE, was certain to boost democracy, the same democracy that allows ''Voters from Abroad'' to have a say in which of the governments ruin.. sorry, lead us.

Postal votes were announced as being ''handed in at the last minute'', and with no sign of Security, Police, or good old Securicor, one wondered where, when, and how many of these ''Extra 1000 Plus'' Postal Votes had been processed and left unmolested. Regardless of the actual outcome when the dust has settled, and whether we keep or lose our current batch of elected Councilors, or gain some, a lesson has been learned:

If YOU the reader, have become bored with the political angle already, after a relatively short time in Nationalism, or whether you are a seasoned party member or supporter with say, four or five years membership etc, and you really want to live in a country, and continent that resembles a backwards running ''Time Machine'', then simply follow the simple instructions below:

1 - Cry, moan, lower your shoulders and frown.

2 - Get depressed, and let all around you crumble without a fight.

3 - Moan about the ''Leadership'', whilst forgetting how far we've come in ten years.

4 - Go around depressing others, telling them it's a waste of time, and politics is no good.

5 - Carry on with your life, and hand your children on a plate to the assorted perverts,
Religious Extremists, Communists, Anti-White race haters, and political rent boys
and prostitutes who have ripped off the tax payer and got you where they want you.

All the others, join John, Russ, Team Black Country BNP, GA, Rugfish, Bertie Bert and the others, and see this war through... for a war it is, and to give up now, would keep the Devil himself in glory for a thousand years, as our treacherous politicians dine with him on the blood of our ancesters, and the flesh of our unborn.
The Liberal Conspiracy