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Friday, 7 May 2010

The Morning After election 2010

The Morning After

If there is good news to be had from last night it is the fact that the British National Party's share of the vote increased more than any other party other than the Conservatives. However, despite all the work it was nowhere near enough. With 615 of the 650 seats counted, it is clear that the BNP will not be sending any MP's to Parliament after this election.

It may be true that, as Nick Griffin puts it, the BNP is no longer a large small party, it is a small large party, however, it is difficult to put a positive spin on yesterday's results, we are moving in the right direction, but we have a long way to climb, and time is short.

The unfairness of our system is exposed by the fact that the BNP have won more than twice as many votes as the Greens, yet it is they, not us, who have their first member of Parliament.  A PR system, which the Lib Dems will almost certainly insist on in exchange for cooperation with either of the other parties, would, of course, change that, with significant advantages for the BNP.
Beyond the fortunes of the BNP what is most striking about this election is how the Conservatives seem to have failed to achieve a majority, despite the almost total non-appearance of the anticipated boost to Liberal Democrat support, it is quite possible that Clegg's crew could end up with less seats than they went in with.

I wonder how many Tories will be secretly contemplating the manner in which they have complacently stood by over the last 13 years and allowed the Labour party to import an socialist friendly third world electorate and indulge in outrageous levels of social engineering both of which may prevent any party other than Labour from ever achieving anything approaching a landslide majority again.

Labour almost certainly avoided the humiliation of coming third, as they surely should have done after their disastrous period in government, on the strength of the immigrant vote. As that demographic grows, a day may dawn when a future socialist party with be kept in office purely by the will of non-white voters.

Readers from other countries, such as the USA, may wish to consider how similar pr-immigration policies followed by their own governments may have a similar impact on the future of democracy in your own country.

It also remains to be seen (if it is ever exposed) to what extent electoral fraud effected the outcome, it was certainly a huge problem in parts of London and Birmingham, together with Barking, where BNP leader Nick Griffin sadly failed to dislodge multi-millionairess Marxist Margaret Hodge.

It was also disturbing to hear of irregularities at various counts, such as the fact that voters in an area with high proportions of immigrant voters, such as Lewisham, were allowed extra time to vote, whereas queues of voters in other (whiter) areas were turned away.

To be fair, the BNP did not always help themselves, for instance, allowing a dispute with the hyper-sensitive webmaster of their website, the most popular political website in the country, to boil over on the day before the election, resulting in it being taken down and replaced with a list of sensational, and somewhat dyspeptic allegations, on the night before the poll did not help. Neither did widely circulated film of a senior BNP candidate exchanging blows with a group of Asian youths, no matter how much he was provoked (which I fully accept he was).

As for the event in the weeks before the election when a well known writer of fiction for the Times was violently ejected from a meeting in front of a malevolent, camera lens flashing ,media, I can not start to tell you how damaging that was, or how angry it made many of those who had been working so hard for a BNP victory. I did not allude to it at the time, as I was incapable of doing so in a temperate manner.

However, even without those events the BNP was seriously hampered my a controlled and maliciously dishonest  who spent the entire campaign inventing blatant lies about the BNP and misreporting the truth. In the face of a criminal dishonest media onslaught, to have increased its vote was a significant achievement for the party. We are certainly now in a stronger place than we were.

However, as I said at the beginning, it was not enough, and this was not the result any of us hoped to wake up to.