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Friday, 7 May 2010

Something Missing Here , I Wonder if you have Noticed

by Horwich nationalists
Something Missing Here!

Noticed something in the last few days, all the talk of stable strong government, for the sake of the MARKETS, and how the parties are all clamoring for a quick coalition today, for the sake of market stability! 

Noticed the lack of policies mentioned in the last few days, in case the MARKETS! Have the jitters, and how the clamoring for a quick coalition is being called for today, in case it upsets the MARKETS!

 Noticed, how the bond markets opened at 1am so the Markets could react to which ever Party won if any

Noticed how all the party Leaders address the Markets in the election count speeches, and how they would remedy the uncertain economic situation!

Noticed how the Pay Masters of the Old three Parties are calling for the economy to be put 1st, and their puppets are agreeing!

Noticed how we no longer to acting in the national interest but in the interests of the Global markets! 

Noticed how we are all going to have to tighten our belts and suffer a drop in living standards, it will help the markets recover, you Know!

OH! and by the way have noticed what is missing?  The true British People concerns are to be addressed 1st But rest assured their concerns will be put to one side, AFTER ALL WE DO NOT WANT TO UPSET THE MARKETS! Do we.  

And we better have another few million Immigrants in it will help keep wages down , and that will helo the markets nicely , thankyou!