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Friday, 7 May 2010

BNP Day Plus One Election 2010

BNP Day Plus One

Ok, the Longest Day is over and as expected and as predicted by the chairman of the British National Party, Nick Griffin BNP, there have been casualties.  Lots of casualties but this was the price we knew we would have to pay to land on the enemy beach.

We have lost deposits.  It may be likely that we lose some good councillors and that hurts but we knew it could and probably would happen.
The enemy threw everything at us they had and still they prevented us achieving our main goal, which was increasing the British National Party vote and support across the country.

They have used ammunition they can never fire at us again.  Their filthy traitors have been exposed and are now useless to The Establishment and now so to is their use to the Establishment.  They are the losers because the BNP has despite their efforts still landed on the beaches to reclaim Our Country and their names will be mud for ever in the nationalist history books.

We have a beachhead that will expand outwards from our branches, groups and cells.  Yesterday blooded the new troops that join our ranks.  Next time they will be more experienced and combat ready.  That is another victory and by now Rugfish  should have written an article listing just what we did achieve during yesterdays Longest Day.

And our enemies have been exposed, not just as war criminals but also political thieves of democracy.  Their blatant manipulation of the postal votes and interfered with ballot boxes is a mass grave to big to hide.
And what of all those people that the BNP fought for yesterday to liberate? Well some answered the call and voted BNP but many remained silent.
  • Happy to live under the jackboot of The Establishment - sheep waiting to be sheared before finally be slaughtered.
  • Happy to see their sons  die in foreign wars for a greedy world elite.
  • Happy to see the homes that should be for their children and their children given over to the invaders now occupying much of our land.
So where does the British National Party go from here?  Well in the only direction it knows.  Forward towards final Victory led by its Leader, Nick Griffin BNP MEP.

This site cannot express its admiration for the activists of the BNP enough.  They are real heroes and I am proud to call them my brothers and sisters.

And now a request to all readers.  At this moment in time it has become necessary that we promote this site in all ways possible.  Can I please ask you to drop internet links to it wherever you can.  Sports forums, cookery forums, you name it forums.  Newspaper comments, blogs,  Well you get the picture
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