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Sunday, 25 September 2011

EDL Coming down the road , Bolton Chapter

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Written by Green Arrow

EDL-CMD_140_x_203There is a fairly new publishing company called VHC Publishing that promotes the work of new writers. Well Nationalist4UK thought (quite correctly) that we might be interested in their review of one of the new books they have added to their cataloque.

Below is a sample of the work of the author of EDL Coming down the road, Billy Blake who has charted the rise and progress of the EDL over the last two years.

UAF cheered wildly as the EDL seemingly retreated. Anti-fascists started chanting “No Pasaran!” They had defeated the Nazis! They were jubilant, celebrating victory and started singing “We shall not be moved!”

However, their joy proved somewhat premature, chants of “Muslim bombers off our streets!” could suddenly be heard getting gradually louder. The EDL in the square had merely gone to meet a snaking mass of their comrades who, with a police escort, slowly making their way there. They had been led slowly through the streets of Bolton towards the protest site, a line of stewards and riot police checking their advance.
The column stalled briefly before being allowed to enter the square and the chant of “E, E, EDL!” filled the air.

Finally released by police, the EDL roared like a triumphant army as they entered the arena. The anti-fascists were dumbstruck, as an immense, noisy, flag waving, swarming mass of patriots flooded towards them.

These were the forgotten people, the sons and daughters of old England, here to reclaim their birthright. A mass of coloured flags filled the square, as it was reclaimed in the name of the English people. Here were the descendants of people who built the modern world, their battle flag rich with exotic names from far flung shores. Now more familiar sounding names were being added, Birmingham, Manchester, Leeds, London and now Bolton. There were well over 1500 of them, all chanting in unison and drowning out the chants of the anti-fascists. It was pure, crude and brutal Anglo-Saxon defiance. They had a simple message for their opponents, two fingers. We will not submit.

The entrance alone was a victory in itself, the surprise of anti-fascists was palpable. They had severely misjudged the EDL’s level of support. As they confronted the anti-fascists the EDL mocked them with chants of “who are ya, who are ya?” Bolton’s war memorial stood proudly between the two groups, bearing the legend ‘Tell ye your children’.