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Thursday, 8 September 2011

Going Going Gone! Freedom of Assembly and Freedom of Association

Freedom of Assembly and Freedom of Association

A few months ago, in their attempts to force the British National Party to change its Constitution, the so called ‘Equality Commission’ used the courts to try and destroy Freedom of Association. Just hours ago, Freedom of Assembly was destroyed by a hysterical bunch of anti-Semites also known as UAF. A few days ago, as a consequence of the riots, the government was talking about imposing martial law in certain areas of London. There always seems to be a justification to curtail public freedoms.

The riots that we witnessed a few days ago were merely the acts of rebels without a cause. A Mexican friend of mine remarked that “poverty is no justification for criminal activity”. Having said that, we wait to see what will be the reaction of rebels with a cause. By now, many people are starting to see where the economy is heading and the middle classes are being squeezed. There are going to be dramatic consequences when those who have allowed the creation of the present state of affairs are themselves negatively affected.

There are some interesting sets of statistics regarding home ownership and car ownership. In a country built for cars, it is troubling to learn that car ownership is going down. When people lose their homes and their cars they are not be very happy and tensions rise and all the regulations limiting Freedom of Association and Freedom of Assembly have one aim only: crowd control.

Never mind the concerns regarding EDL and UAF. The Establishment is deeply concerned about seeing scenes like the Greek riots or a Libyan style rebellion in the United Kingdom. Attacks against smaller political parties are also part of a global strategy. As long as the smaller parties exist, they are valid options that could become major contenders if the support for the so called mainstream political parties collapses. This is why limitations of Freedom of Association and of Freedom of Assembly have become so relevant.