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Friday, 2 September 2011

Libya - the real reason for the illegal war becomes known

Libya - the real reason for the illegal war becomes clear PDF Print E-mail
Written by News Reporter

oildrop_120_x_187On his Straneuropa blog, La Stampa’s Brussels correspondent Marco Zatterin reports that EU Energy Commissioner Günther Oettinger may next week propose that in future all oil and gas contracts between EU member states and third countries be examined at the EU level before they are concluded. The article notes that Germany has probably been lobbying for this proposal, due to fears of lagging behind France, the UK and Italy in striking deals with the new Libyan government.

Meanwhile, following yesterday’s conference in Paris, competition has kicked off among countries that participated in the military operations in Libya to secure energy deals with the new Libyan government.

In an interview with RTL, French Foreign Minister Alain Juppé said it was “logical and fairthat countries which offered the biggest support to Libya’s National Transition Council received a preferential treatment.

On the BBC’s Today programme, David Cameron noted, “I think there’s a big danger today actually of people in the West taking too much credit for themselves.