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Thursday, 1 September 2011

Good Luck to the English Defence League on Saturday

Good Luck to the English Defence League on Saturday PDF Print E-mail
Written by Green Arrow

edltowerhamlets_120_x_131I admit to having strong reservations about both the leadership of the English Defence League and also their ideas on what constitutes being English/British, but that does not mean I do not support the individual members and admire their courage in taking to the streets in their opposition to the Islamification of Our Country.

So good luck lads for this Saturday in Tower Hamlets. Shamefully the Home Secretary and promoter of homosexual adoptions, Theresa May has banned what was to have been a peaceful march through the Islamic Republic of Tower Hamlets, forcing the EDL into holding a static demonstration to make the following ten points.

  1. To stand up for freedom of speech
  2. Because England should not have any no go zones
  3. Because England certainly shouldn’t have any Sharia zones
  4. To protest against the tide of violence and discrimination that has erupted in Tower Hamlets
  5. To oppose radical Islam
  6. To expose how deeply entrenched radical Islam has become in Tower Hamlets
  7. To maintain our commitment to peaceful protest.
  8. To combat and expose misrepresentation of our goals
  9. To expose the failings of the government’s counter-extremism initiatives
  10. Because we owe it to everyone who has suffered at the hands of radical Islam, or has had their freedoms curtailed because they have made criticisms that members of the political establishment have not wanted to address.

You can read more by visiting their site by clicking on this link.

Like I said. Good Luck on Saturday.