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Saturday, 24 September 2011

A Pecking Order of Equalities

A Pecking Order of Equalities

By Southwest Nationalist.

In the wake of several television presenters losing their jobs for making sexist remarks, the Mail recently ran a story entitled “So why is it all right for women to be sexist about MEN?”

The Mail’s story doesn’t really need rehashing here, the title says all that is currently needed, but it tells only a part of the story.

There’s a distinct pecking order in existence within the world of rights and equalities as a whole, which creates a society in which speech is most definitely not free or equal.

From the top of my head, and I bet if you watch a few hours TV, or read a few newspapers, you could see every single one in action.

- Women over Men;

- Gay/Lesbian/etc over Straight;

- Muslim over Christian;

- Non-white over White.

Countless court cases confirm the adherence to this slanted code of inequality, television screams it in our faces every day. Equality creates a pecking order in which equality does not exist because equality is judged differently for the various sections of society.

It’s also, of course, filled with complications. A white woman could say what she likes about straight white men, but her ‘rights’ will likely lose out should she make similar remarks about gay men or minority men, whereas a Muslim man can express views about gays that would see most people arrested.

And, heaven help the white, straight Christian who attacks Islam’s stance on homosexuality!

So long as you’ve got your foot squarely in one of the minority camps then at least you’re on top of another group, there’s someone that you can mock until your heart’s content.

But, woe betide the white, Christian, straight male, who is at the very bottom of the pecking order, with a voice that is expected to do nothing more than agree with every other group lest he be accused of some kind of ism/obia/hate.

Belonging to one of these protected groups – or more, preferably more, you want as many ticks in those boxes as you can get – could be seen as something that society rewards, a way of getting ahead. You win more rights and freedoms by joining the ranks of the oppressed minority after all.

The rotten truth about all these so called rights and equalities is that they are nothing of the sort, they are just a state imposed hierarchy which is plastered in the gaudy robes of equality. Injustice and inequality are celebrated, sanctioned, and given official endorsement.

Despite all the lofty rhetoric from the political correct devotees, equality is simply a political decision as to who will bear the inequality and who will be more equal.

Its crowning achievement is to create a system of legally sanctioned social and intellectual apartheid, where inequality and oppression are more rampant than ever.