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Sunday, 24 July 2011

Austerity measures hit hardworking families – but not third world fringe ‘artists’

British austerity measures hit hardworking families – but not third world fringe ‘artists’

By Clive Jefferson – As we all tighten our belts and reduce our outgoings in what has been dubbed the time of austerity in Britain, shocking news comes to the British National Party that “arts and science bodies” can nominate 1,000 people for immigration to the UK!

The pro-immigration minister Damian Green has announced that four bodies – including Arts Council England and Royal Society – will be able to choose “exceptional talent” from around the world and the lucky winners will be given a British visa and all the benefits of said “golden ticket”.

Damian Green announced the move in response to fears that immigration curbs would undermine Britain's artistic and scientific reputation.

As a British National Party councillor, I am faced with more practical fears from people: the people in West Cumbria are afraid of a cold winter because they cannot heat their homes; they are afraid of serious job cuts and a lack of social housing that has young families on council waiting lists for 36 years in Cockermouth! But I cannot say I have come across anyone with a fear that immigration cuts might undermine our artistic reputation.

The immigration minister has named the four science and arts bodies that will be able to nominate 1,000 leading individuals in their fields to live and work in Britain under a new "exceptional talent" immigration route.

The category was created after strong protests from science and arts organisations that the cap on third world immigration introduced this year was in danger of undermining Britain's science and research base and international artistic reputation.

The Guardian’s take on this outrageous waste of money is that it "will do little to stem the flow of complaints from overseas artists and musicians"!

Green said Arts Council England would be able to nominate 300 people a year for the "exceptional talent" route, the Royal Society would also have 300 places, and the Royal Academy of Engineering and the British Academy for humanities and social sciences would each have 200.

The four bodies will not only be able to nominate those who are already established in their field but also "those with the potential to be recognised in their fields".

Green said: "This comes at a time of major reform of the immigration system to bring net migration back down to the tens of thousands, tackle abuses and make sure that the immigration system meets the needs of the country."

Alan Davey, chief executive of Arts Council England, said he welcomed the launch of the special visa scheme. "The international exchange of artists enriches their art, and I'm sure audiences will welcome the opportunity to experience the finest artistic talent from across the world," he said.

It is just another scam. The Tories know just how the British people feel about the disastrous immigration policies of successive Governments and are making a show of tightening up our borders. They are then, just as fast, opening back doors to third world immigrants as is evidenced by this little scam hidden away in a tiny article in the Guardian.