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Friday, 15 July 2011

The Markets and Brokers Voice British National Party Economics

By Horwich Nationalist
The real struggle for the last 50 years as been for the control of the nations resources and peoples by the international banking elite, they have long used the useful idiots Marxist ideology in the labour party and the greed within the tory party to destroy our nations cohesion of our people and our culture and national identity, by finacing their agenda with something that is called a fiat currency. 
Basicly the is a money supply that has no real value exept that put put faith in the paper notes or credits issued to purchase goods. Were as in the past all currency was backed by precious metals , by either the coins containing a certain amount of precious metal, or being able to trade the Notes for a certain amount of precious metal, as is quite obvious that the pound sterling was once the equivalent of 1lb of solid 925 grade sterling silver. And that the American dollar was equivalent to a certain amount of precious metal, and still should be as the law governing it's precious metal content has never been repealed.

And this is why the ruling elites fear we in the British National party so much as we wish to make our currency have a real value and not be money created from nothing! just see our economic policies That are designed to provide long term economic and social stability!
And now as I have long suspected the Fiat currency giants the Euro and Dollar and unfortunately,the Pound are to come crashing down. And after that Gordon Brown the arch traitor and criminal accomplice of Tony warmonger Blair sold our nations gold at the lowest ever market price we will not be able to ensure any confidence in our currency and the result will be mass inflation followed by a economic crisis of Biblical proportions in the UK leading to massive and violent social disorder. please read an article below  that I have come across from a respected dealer and commentator , and please use the links in the article above.

By Chris Martenson

“The rule of law has basically been thrown out the window. Money printing is the order of the day. And when politicians take control of central banks, which they have done in the United States and they are also doing in Europe, that basically destroys the currency. It puts the currency on the road to what I call the Fiat Currency Graveyard, so I expect there are going to be massive currency problems as we go forward. The financial crisis that we have been dealing with for the last several years has not been solved.”
So cautions James Turk, widely-respected precious metals expert and founder/chairman of GoldMoney. In this detailed interview (recorded in June), Chris and James explore the probable outcome of the current US debt-ceiling operatics, the likelihood of future Fed money printing, and strategies for preserving wealth. In short, James believes we are witnessing the decline of the world’s major fiat currencies, and expects gold to be remonetized in the aftermath.
James explains why he expects:
  • The US Government to raise the debt ceiling in August, which will require the Federal Reserve to print more money in order to soak up the new debt, sending gold and silver prices much higher this summer.
  • Holders of fiat currencies to experience increasing losses in the purchasing power of their wealth; contrary to those who hold precious metals, who will see the reverse.
  • This pattern of currency devaluation to be similar to the many other examples seen throughout monetary history. In short, the “unthinkable” event of a dollar collapse is a much more probable event than most consider.
  • Precious metals to be an excellent vehicle for preserving purchasing power through this next transition, and whatever future currency emerges, their historic role as money to be restored.
  • The end of the bull market in precious metals is years away. We’ll know its ending when holders of PMs begin trading them for other assets (e.g. property, securities) that have become overly undervalued.
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