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Saturday, 2 July 2011

The World Mocks as Cameron supports Sodomites Festival in London

Horwich Nationalists

Once the mark of a Conservative Prime Minister was of some one who held most sacred the history and Christian morals and the traditions of the nation.
But who would have believed even just 20 years ago that a conservative Prime Minister of the nation once called Great Britain  would have given his support to a group of sodomites and associated sexual perverts openly parading and promoting their perversion around the streets of London, in the open view of men women and CHILDREN! And not only that, but they are not satisfied by insulting every decent sensibility on these islands they have to add blasphemy against our Christian faith to their campaign as you can see from the banners in the above picture taken from their website 

Well i am afraid to say that time is now upon us and that the present conservative ,( with a small c ), prime minister of the fractured and falling apart province of the EU known as the UK has done so. In a letter to this London pride outfit he says the following ,

From the Prime Minister, David Cameron

“The Beatles sang that All you need is love. Richard Curtis showed on film how it was all about Love Actually. The best times in our lives are when we feel most loved so it’s a pleasure to support this year’s Pride London and its theme Carnival of Love.
With love has to come respect and acceptance, that’s why the Government’s work to tackle homophobia and transphobia is so important.  By enabling civil partnerships to take place on religious premises, deleting convictions for consensual gay sex, launching the largest ever transgender survey, tackling bullying in schools and focusing on homophobia and transphobia in sport the government, in conjunction with groups across the country, is working to create a society based on the values of fairness, dignity and respect.
Pride London is also focusing on ‘Love without Borders’, this is a commendable idea, and the UK has an important leadership role to play.  British Embassies in countries such as Poland and Estonia have supported Pride events, at the UN the Foreign Office played a vital role building support for a major statement in support of the human rights of LGBT people, we helped secure a Presidential pardon for a same sex couple in Malawi who had held an engagement ceremony and we continue to raise the issue of gay rights with the Ugandan government and Prime Minister.
[For more information please visit]
At home, tackling hate crime remains key.  The police are now collecting data on hate crimes against LGB&T people and True vision, a website with information about such crime that also enables online reporting, went live in February.  Despite the progress made there’s always more to do and every instance of homophobia or transphobia is one too many and we all need to work together to tackle it.
The UK has just been named by the International Lesbian and Gay Association as the number one place in Europe for LGBT equality.  This position has been reached after years of dedicated work and is something we can all be proud of.  Next year will see the Olympic and Paralympic Games, The Queen’s Diamond Jubilee and World Pride take place in London; as the eyes of the world turn to us it provides a perfect opportunity to celebrate our rich diversity and spread a little love.
I hope you all have a fun and safe time celebrating Pride London.”

Cameron has surrendered the last shred of decency and common sense of the conservative party, and openly given up on the hope of many Conservative voters that he would some how stop and reverse the moral decline of this once Christian Great Nation.
the evidence to prove them that conservative voters reliance on him is now open to all,  as he states in his last paragraph of this Government validation of  the Homsexual perversion.
 "The worlds eyes will be upon us next year" and as the homosexuals take centre stage in the world pride event that coincides with the Olympics the Jubilee and other events. 
I for one will be closing my eyes and hide my face in shame as the worlds eyes will mockingly look at the moral collapse of of our nation as the Gay parade opens the Olympics and as you say cameron "spread a little love" and no doubt the AIDS that go's with it!