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Friday, 1 July 2011

The Horrendous Astronomical Cost of Our ‘Cheap’ Food

The Horrendous Cost of Our ‘Cheap’ Food

By Maid of Kent – at
The true astronomical cost of the ‘cheap’ food in our shops was revealed yesterday by a report of migrant workers sending their children to school with no food for lunch in protest at the withdrawal of working benefits.
Children of Eastern European migrant workers in Coventry were sent to school for two weeks with no food, with the result that the Coventry Foodbank charity had to hand out food parcels to feed the children. Their parents were protesting at the loss of benefits, including Working Tax Credits and Child Tax Credits among others, which ceased when their seasonal work contracts ran out.
It appears that the migrant families were unaware that they could then claim for other Welfare Benefits such as Job Seeker’s Allowance.
While this seemingly insignificant local tale of what the manager of the Foodbank charity called ‘Third World Deprivation’ exposes the availability of our Welfare and Benefits system to people from all over the world, its most revealing truth is the real cost that the British people pay for their supposedly ‘cheap’ food and the cost of the Ponzi-style policies pursued by successive Lib/Lab/Con governments.
In order to keep the cost of food in our shops low, therefore giving the British voters a false sense of prosperity so that they will continue to vote for them, and to keep British farmers happy with large profits, the Lib/Lab/Con alliance has had to allow the use of cheap labour to produce these results.
As British workers will not take such low-paid jobs which do not provide enough to live on in this country and cannot compete with the comparatively generous amounts paid in benefits, the Lib/Lab/Cons need to import migrant workers from across the globe to do these jobs.
That these imported workers also cannot survive in Britain on the low wages paid is made obvious by the availability to them of working welfare payments and benefits, paid for by the British people. So the British people are subsidising, through benefit payments, the low wages paid to migrant workers.
That these imported ‘migrant’ workers, when their seasonal contracts end, then become permanently eligible for all of the generous benefits available to, and paid for by, the British people instead of being sent back to their countries of origin, reveals the scandalous extent of the Ponzi-style scam politics of the Lib/Lab/Cons.
To achieve their desired illusion of ‘cheap’ prices in every commodity in order to convince the British people to vote for them, the Lib/Lab/Cons have constructed an elaborate and expensive web of deceit to hide the real costs of their corrupt policies.
The harsh reality of the ‘cheap’ British-produced food that we buy is that, with the hidden costs borne by the British taxpayer – all of us, because we pay tax on everything we earn and everything we buy – this food is subsidised by vast amounts of our money.
We pay huge amounts in welfare benefits to British people who cannot survive on such low wages; we then pay more ‘working benefits’ to subsidise the imported replacement workers so that they can survive on such low wages and even more in welfare payments for them when their ‘temporary’ contacts expire, and we will then pay more working benefits to the new migrant workers imported to replace the old ones who, firmly embedded in the Benefits system, will refuse to work for such low wages.
This Ponzi-style scheme operates in every area of our economy, not just in food production.
Added to the concealed but growing cash costs involved in benefits payments to support this dishonest Ponzi scheme are the horrendous results of this criminal manipulation for political ends that are now being revealed to the British people.
With the impending collapse of our national institutions and infrastructure due to their unaffordable cost, caused by the sheer numbers of people imported to enable these Ponzi schemes to appear to work for a while, the facts now being exposed are that these imported workers have not brought prosperity to Britain but rather have cost our country so much that we as a nation are on the brink of oblivion.
While it may seem to be unpatriotic for the British National Party to call for a boycott of ‘British’ goods produced by ‘cheap’ foreign labour subsidised by the British people who have been scandalously deceived to support and pay for the production of such cheap goods at such high and long-term cost to our Nation and people, it may be the sensible and moral choice of action to stop such Ponzi-style political scams used by the criminally corrupt Lib/Lab/Cons to pursue their globalist ideals.
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