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Monday, 18 July 2011

The BBC’s Shame. The Real Media Scandal of the Blatantly Biased Corporation

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Written by Tim Heydon   at
BBCLabour_120_x_139Politicans’ Pay-Back Time
The phone –hacking scandal at the News of the World has revealed British journalism at its most sordid and amoral. One can’t help thinking though that the explosion of ‘moral indignation’ shown by parliamentary politicians is pay-back time for them against the Press in general after the  revelations of their own venality, cynicism and corruption as revealed by the non-Murdoch  Daily Telegraph during the Parliamentary  Expenses scandal .
There is though a far greater Media scandal which remains to be fully uncovered. That is the decades –long, ongoing cultural marxism of the publically funded and self-described politically impartial BBC. This amounts to half a century of the fraudulent conversion of public funds for the benefit of the political purposes of the leftist faction dominant in the BBC.
BNP Views on the Immigration and related Matters and a Range of other Concerns such as the EU were and continue to be Majority Views
According to a YouGov opinion poll commissioned by Sky News in early 2005, nearly 6 out of10 of the 1841 people questioned thought that that all further immigration into the UK should be halted. More than half of those surveyed thought that all immigrants should be denied the right to bring further members of their family into the country.  The average level of support for BNP policies was 55%.
Thus a majority of the people in the country agreed with what were and are BNP policies. However when the interviewees were aware of this, support for these policies dropped by an average 6% .
Searchlight’s Populus Poll

More recently, on 26th February 2011 the ‘Guardian’ reported that a Populus poll commissioned by the Marxist-backed ‘Searchlight’ organisation revealed that there was ‘huge support’ for the ‘far right’ ‘if they gave up violence’. This level of support could, the Guardian said, ‘outstrip that in France or Holland
‘Huge numbers’ of Britons would support an anti-immigration English nationalist party ‘if it was not associated with violence and fascist imagery,’ the largest survey into identity and extremism conducted in the UK revealed.  48% of the population would consider supporting a new anti-immigration party committed to challenging Islamist extremism, and would support policies to make it statutory for all public buildings to fly the flag of St George or the union flag’. ‘Anti-racism campaigners said the findings suggested Britain's mainstream parties were losing touch with public opinion on issues of identity and race.’
Nick Griffin and the BNP’s Image Problem
It seems clear that a majority of people in this country who have a view, certainly more than those who agree with the BBC’s position, support the BNP’s policies on immigration, multiculturalism and related matters.
Further as opinion polls down the years have also shown, they always have done .It also seems clear that this support has not been translated into electoral success because the BNP has an ‘image problem’. It is grossly unfairly associated with ‘violence’ and ‘fascist imagery’. One good reason for that problem has been the behaviour of Nick Griffin. It is to his credit that he moved the Party away from the marches and so forth which attracted street violence and has tried to shed the image of anti-Semitism.  But he has shown himself incapable of completing the job of polishing up the Party’s image, so necessary if it is to attract voters in the numbers required to make it a real political force in the country.
Nick Griffin and ‘Question Time’.  He disappointed Millions
The Party’s image problem lies now not so much in its policies but in the character of its leaders. Griffin has surrounded himself with some very sordid individuals whose pasts the Party’s enemies can point to in order to discredit it.  And he has made some breathtakingly foolish public relations decisions. Some of these handed the Party’s enemies some wonderful ammunition on the set-up ‘Question Time’ programme. Millions looked into this programme surely in the hope that Griffin would set their minds at rest about voting for the Party and instead found good reasons why they shouldn’t.
For example, Griffin should have realised but did not that having to defend his sharing a platform with the erstwhile KKK leader David Duke would be, as it was, a public relations disaster. This is true even though Duke’s position on race (in the opinion of inter alia Glayde Witney the Florida State University Academic who studied Duke’s work) is rational, highly researched  and not bigoted at all.  The problem for Griffin is that he is incapable of seeing what the broader public will find acceptable. He has gone as far as he can but remains too much a narrow, factional infighter with limited vision.
The other main Reason for the BNP’s Decline – The BBC
If the BNP’s support has drained way, Griffin’s dismal performance on Question Time mightily helped its desertion. But the set-up of ‘Question Time’ points to the other good reason for the BNP’s image problem apart from incompetent leadership. This is the campaign of vilification with which the Party has had to contend at the hands of the media and the extremely powerful BBC in particular. After Enoch Powell’ s 1968 so called ‘Rivers of Blood ‘  speech warning about the madness of Britain’s  immigration policy, Powell was attacked  by the BBC’s  ‘World this Weekend’ Programme’ and  this hostility to anyone opposing the immigration and multicultural agenda has continued to this day.
A Powerful Minority has for Half a Century disenfranchised the Majority
The BBC’s current Director- General Mark Thompson is reported to have said (Daily Mail, 7th July 2011) that ‘sensitive subjects such as immigration were avoided by the BBC ‘for fear of being too right wing’. He ‘conceded that the broadcaster had been ’anxious’ in the past about ‘playing into what it might have perceived to be Right Wing Agenda.
In her column in the ‘Sunday Telegraph’ of 10th July, Jenny McCartney got it right when she said  ‘In other words, it was quietly believed that even raising the topic meant that the BBC was producing propaganda for British National Party.’  And nothing could be worse for the left-liberal  BBC, could it, than raising an issue that probably a majority of the population thought and think is highly important, if to do so was ‘right wing’. So a majority of the people of country was effectively disenfranchised by a minority acting though its mouthpiece, the ‘unbiased, ‘impartial, ‘balanced’ BBC.
Successfully stigmatising BNP Policies
Despite its own views probably being minority ones, this nest of leftists  successfully stigmatised those of the majority or near majority who held BNP views as ‘extremists’ and the BNP itself as ‘far right’ when its policies are in fact mainstream so far as the ordinary  population of the country is concerned.  And when it has been the  BBC’s views which are truly minority and extremist.  There was, of course, no anxiety in the BBC about playing into a Hard-Left Agenda. Indeed Cultural Marxism was and is the BBC’s heart and soul, as it is for much of the rest of the broadcast media. Stepping outside this straightjacket of ideological assumptions seems simply to be unthinkable.
The ‘impartial’, ‘balanced’ BBC did not just ignore Patriotic Opinion but actively campaigned against it.
Furthermore, not content with merely ignoring the British people’s alarm over  immigration and the many problems  it has brought them and viciously traducing the BNP when it  tried to bring the subject into the light of day,  the BBC has for many years actively propagandised  immigrants,  immigration,  multiculturalism, the EU etc etc by portraying them in the best possible light.
And despite Thompson’s apparent belief that the gross, generation-long leftist bias of this organisation  is now all in the past, it remains just as skewed to cultural marxism as it always was.  News reports,  features and documentaries (fronted by an extraordinary preponderance of ethnics) are only the half of it. There are too many programmes like Question Time where majority ‘right of centre’ views are conveniently crowded out by those of liberals and leftists of every stamp in order to achieve ‘balance’.
Lord Patten is a New Broom? Let’s wait and see
Lord Patten, the new Chairman of the BBC, has told it to stand up for the ‘Silent Majority’. Will it? Or is the BBC simply too far gone in terms of its culturally marxist ethos to be rescued?  A priority of a nationalist government must be to ensure that the BBC or anything like it is never again handed public money to propagandise the obliteration of Britain and the dispossession of its people.