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Friday, 1 July 2011

Political and Cultural essay : Then and Now. Part 1 of 3

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Written by Tim Heydon   
dolly_120_x_127"As political and economic freedom diminishes, sexual freedom tends correspondingly to increase. And the dictator…will do well to encourage that freedom. In conjunction with freedom to daydream under the influence of dope, the movies and the radio, it will help to reconcile his subjects to the servitude that is their fate". -   Aldous Huxley Introduction to ‘Brave New World’
The Great Generation
The generation that fought World War II was arguably the finest produced by this or any other nation. Those who fought did so to save their country’s freedom and to secure a better future for themselves, their families and their people, the British.  Many of those who did and are still with us are bitter and despairing, when they contemplate the changes which have occurred in the country they loved.
Certainly, there is no denying that on the whole, its people are materially much better off now than they were then. Social relations show a sometimes welcome relaxation. People have readier access to healthcare and to education. Foreign travel is no longer the prerogative of the better off; and so on. But in many other important respects, the future that those who went to war had hoped for has never arrived.
Changes for the Worse
And there has been so much change for the worse. The country’s method of government, the elective dictatorship, never truly represented the people so much as the ruling elites. Now, in key areas of life, it represents them even less as these elites have changed to those of the liberal left and power shifts to Europe.  Additionally, other, heart-rending changes have occurred which have brought alienation and decay to the land. Changes which were unwanted and unasked for by most of its people and have crept up on them unawares, engineered or allowed to happen by the political elites.
Views Now Held By the BNP
Though they were conscious of much social and economic injustice, the war-time generation were united by a strong sense of community and of loyalty, arising from a common history and culture, religious background and notions of morality.
The importance of all this is that they had views which are now not much different from those now held by the BNP.  Those who fought the Nazis would today find themselves, very often, vilified as ‘fascist’ and ‘bigoted’ by the current ruling power elites in politics, the media and elsewhere.
Invasion Threat Then and Now
In the war, inspired by their great leader, Churchill, who epitomised the national spirit, they had fought, in his words, to ‘save Christian Civilisation’ and to keep their islands from invasion so that their nation could continue its way of life unmolested in this, the ancient homeland of their ancestors.
Then, they were inspired by their pride in the tremendous achievements of their ancestors in every sphere of human endeavour, including their pioneering struggles to create a free, fair and decent society for themselves and their descendants.
Now, their love of country and their natural and humanly normal affection for their own people and their ways are officially despised and if not actually illegal, then almost so.
Now, the British  must watch as their nation’s great past is ignored or traduced by their own leadership, or its very existence denied, while the elite state teaches their young people a perverted, truncated version of history  designed to give no real idea of the continuing story of their people in these islands and which dwells too much on that which can be held to their country’s discredit.
An Evil Policy of Deliberate Deracination
By this means our rulers hope that our youth will be deprived of any real knowledge of or regard for their ancestors and of any idea of themselves as their heirs, in order to crush their sense of belonging to the land of their forefathers, its towns and communities.
The Goal
This, they hope, will facilitate their apparent goal; the creation of an atomised, essentially empty and inhuman society of rootless, anonymous, connectionless individuals; producers and consumers feeling no real attachment or loyalty towards anything outside themselves and their family, friends and ‘partners’ except perhaps consumer brands, football teams or entertainment stars..
Filching our Freedoms
Now, that independence from Continental domination from which they had saved their inheritance with the blood of hundreds of thousands is stealthily filched from them with lies and subterfuge, as their country is surrendered by their rulers to a European Superstate recognisably in the mould of continental tyrannies from Napoleon to the Soviet Union. Like its forerunners, this latest doomed creation of the internationalist power elites is hostile to everything distinctively British: British institutions, British freedoms under the common law, British ways, the British character, the British nation.. …
Our cultural Bedrock
At the time of World War II, though weakened by the false perceptions that it is incompatible with the modern science it had created and that the horrors of war meant that God must be absent, the British interpretation of Christianity still held powerful sway in the land they knew. It remained the unspoken assumption of the best in thought and action for nearly everyone, and lay behind the honour of public, and the decencies of private life.
Christian ideas about the individual and Christian principles of morality moulded the institutions and the laws of the state and the behaviour required of its members. Now, their state is ‘morally neutral’, which is to say actively anti-Christian in practice, in the interests of a Marxist - inspired,  politically correct vision of society.
Now, that war–time generation sees how the religion of their forefathers is routinely set aside by their political masters, and contempt for the creed that helped make the British surely one of the most successful peoples in history, a society at once decent and rumbustious, charitable and self reliant, traditional and innovative, spiritual and commonsensical, is fostered both covertly and openly by those in charge of the public culture.
Our Culture Pushed Aside
In our schools and elsewhere it is diminished as just one faith among many, whilst the faiths of ethnic minorities are ‘celebrated.’ Thus many British schoolchildren come home to their parents having celebrated Hindu and Islamic festivals, with Easter being ignored. Christmas is renamed ‘Winterval,’ Christian symbols are banned in the workplace and Christians are otherwise forced to adopt the diktats of Political Correctness
Christianity is at the very core of British  culture, civilisation and achievement.
Britain was the birth place of the Industrial Revolution, a Revolution which would not have taken place without Christianity. Uniquely Christian ideas about a rational God and his lawful universe were the origin of the modern scientific method, which requires the belief that the universe can and should be understood and predicted.
Non-Conformist attitudes about the dignity of labour allowed scientific ideas to be turned into technology. Christian stress on the importance of the individual lay behind the growth of personal liberty, without which a modern economy is impossible, and of Parliamentary Democracy. All these developments have lifted hundreds of millions out of ignorance, poverty, disease and oppression and have been instrumental in the rise of the status of women.
Marxism Patronises
Then, because of Christianity, people were dignified and esteemed as equal in the sight of God. As such, and through the ancient traditions of their ancestors, they were held responsible for their own actions, knowing right from wrong. Now, the patronising Marxist idea holds sway that environment is responsible for all, and that indeed there is no right and wrong, only different, equally valid ‘values’. Thus the worst offender is excused as either ill or a victim of some imagined oppression, and he or she is diminished as a mere creature of environment rather than a sovereign person of free will and choice. Then (1941), at the height of the war and deprivation, England had 359,000 recorded crimes. In 2001 at a time of unparalleled prosperity, there were 5,200,000.
Our Common law –The Guarantee of Our Freedoms
Then, the common law allowed everything that was not expressly forbidden. Now, as Britain falls increasingly under the sway of the EU, Continental law takes precedence. This forbids everything that is not expressly allowed.
Thus British freedoms, so prized in the past as infinitely superior to Continental ‘rights’ are being circumscribed as European EU law takes precedence. Now, ‘Human Rights, a device for removing swathes of behaviour from democratic control, are handed down from the liberal left internationalist power elites and interpreted by them. The call  to moral behaviour of traditional religion and the duties and rights growing out of the people’s own common law are being supplanted so that morality has become , too often, not that which free individuals owe to God, to themselves and to others but what is required by their rulers and what they think they can get away with.
Pornography Rules
Then, pornography was to be found only under the counter in seedy back streets. Now it is to be seen nightly on National Television. Then, popular songs were about love, tenderness, romance and marriage. Now they are about sex, selfishness aggression and anger. Then, divorce and single parenthood were a rarity. Now, Britain has the highest divorce rate and the greatest proportion of unmarried mothers in Europe, as that bulwark of freedom against the state and transmission of tradition, the family, is attacked by  leftism and unrestrained capitalism.
Then, children were innocent and allowed their childhood.  Now, our children are taught about anal sex in schools. Sexual relations are peddled by ‘opinion formers’ as morality-free zones: like drugs, just another consumer requisite in a material society based on self indulgence and emotional incontinence,  rather than self discipline and duty to others….
The Sanctity of Life is becoming History
Then, the sanctity of human life was a given. Now, the genetics industry treats human tissue from the unborn as raw material and thousands of babies are murdered in the womb. Some who could live outside their mothers’ bodies have their heads drilled through in partial birth abortions. Now the euthanasia movement gathers strength.
So what will follow?
This latter will, as has already happened elsewhere,  lead to the pressured  suicide of old people who are made to think they are a burden, and to the killing of others whether they want it or not if medical professionals think their ‘quality of life’ is insufficient. Thus the most repellent aspect of the Nazis,  the killing off of those deemed unworthy of life, is creeping in at the back door with the individuals ‘right to choose.’ And with it will come all human beings as less than they were; as expendable.
It’s a Free Country?  No Longer
Then, when someone did or said something that another might have found somewhat offensive, both might well have said, as many did,  ‘Well, it’s a free country.’
Now, one never hears this once popular rejoinder. People know that we are no longer free.

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