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Wednesday, 20 July 2011

What is True Democracy? And, will we ever see it ??

By Alan Turnbull
There are lots of issues affecting people these days, in many ways, I worry for the future for my family, and for the welfare of the most vulnerable in our communities, So it set me thinking, to you personally, What are the most worrying things facing you today?
My own community will not be unaffected by the cuts being lined up to force many people to compromise and go without, the proposed closure of our Library, and unavoidable Job losses for council workers and related services mean more unemployed, which in turn will result in even more penny pinching and unfortunately, more people going into debt!
A quick look at the prospects faced by our children looking to further their education at college and University, facing huge student loan debt, and loss of EMA, and we immediately see that this system of obvious, reduced opportunity for the less well off will widen even more the class divide that is infesting and challenging our perception of our society, or in other words, "the rich get richer, the poor get even poorer" and higher education currently available to all who seek it, will soon only become a reality to those who can afford it!! Ie, the well off!
At the same time, our sons, daughters, friends and relations are dragged into battle fighting to implement democracy onto a people who neither want it, or us anywhere near them, and why should they, its their country! not ours! what right do we have to dictate to other sovereign Nations what form of Government they should adopt?
Meanwhile increased foreign aid to Nations with space programs and Nuclear arms, whilst our own people are ignored and made to go without stuns and bewilders all but the well off and morally derelict in our country, its a simple statement really, OUR OWN PEOPLE MUST COME FIRST!
It is a similar story with Immigration and migration levels, even more and more pressure being placed upon our already overburdened services, meaning even less for the most vulnerable people here! Its the same old story, our own people being put at the back of the queue.
Nationally even more corruption abounds, with News International being the latest small tip of the many icebergs around us being identified as lying, devious, corrupt institutions who think nothing of making peoples lives a misery for the sake of a quick cash gain!! Added to this the underlying corruption now surrounding many of its hidden supporters, snitches and paid public figures at the top of our Society, and we begin to see for the first time to many, the level of corruption and duplicitous activities of these people who carry your trust with complete ignorance and disdain! Are these really the people who you would like to rule over your country, and to whom you give over the security and well being of you and your descendants?
Meanwhile in our own Villages, food prices continue to rise, facilities for children continue to fall, and services for the elderly and at risk are at the point of being reduced to dangerous levels, is this what a community becomes when people in government, local or National forget their oath of office, and think more of their own pockets and careers than those they are sworn to protect?
If your as worried as me at the prospect of these and many other things, I would welcome discussion on them, we avoid talking about these things far too often, and only ever discuss them after its too late to do anything about any of it!
Only one Party seeks to openly discuss these issues, The British National Party, and for that we are ignorantly and staggeringly labelled as racist!!
And there in is my point, NOTHING in this country will ever get better unless a genuine political party such as ourselves is allowed to influence the direction, even in a small way, the manner in which this countries political, economic and Internationally active aspirations, are taken, the old parties in power know this, and to safeguard their careers they refuse us a platform to challenge them on these things, and constantly seek to discredit and silence us, this results all the time as a cost to you and the Nation by way of misleading, bias, untrue conjecture and influential media contrivance! and ignores decent, lawful, democratic representation of the people, who are being conned out of their right to hear ALL sides of an argument, THAT!! is true Democracy!