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Saturday, 2 July 2011

UK Ethnic Cleansing : Is It Too Late to Save the British People from Extinction?

Is It Too Late to Save the British People from Extinction?

By Maid of Kent –
With the shocking figures released by the Office for National Statistics showing that 1 in every 8 people in Britain today is foreign born, the British people need to face the realisation that time is fast running out before Britain ceases to be the homeland of our people.
These ONS figures of course do not include illegal immigrants living here, nor do they include ‘temporary visitors’ such as foreign students who may never leave.
While the figures reveal the horrifying extent of the recent mass invasion of our country, in that 12.5% of the known UK population were not born here, they deceptively mask the true extent of the colonisation of our country by races from across the earth to the horrifying point that the indigenous British races will shortly become insignificant minorities in the lands that their ancestors have lived in exclusively for thousands of years.
When that happens, the Britain that was built by these indigenous British races will disappear to be replaced by a country formed by the traditions and cultures of those who are rapidly replacing us in our homeland.
The deception of these ONS figures is that they differentiate only between foreign-born people living in the UK and British-born people living here, giving no indication of the ethnic origins of those born here.
Due to this deliberate lack of ethnic distinction in the statistics for the 7 out of every 8 people who were born here, the figures will give many Britons the mistaken idea that those 7 out of every 8 are descended from the indigenous races of Britain, while the truth is far from this figure.
The ONS figures showing that 1 in every 8 people living in the UK is foreign born will include many elderly immigrants who have lived in Britain for decades, but do not reveal the millions of British-born children and grandchildren of these immigrants who are counted in the other 7.
With many Britons showing a great interest in the history of their own family origins by researching their ancestors, they will know that the descendants of one couple from a hundred years ago can today number hundreds of people. By applying the knowledge that we have gained from such personal research, we can get a true idea of how many British-born descendants of immigrants populate our country.
By exposing the lack of ethnic distinction in the ONS figures and the absence of the British-born but non-indigenous population in these statistics, it is easy to show why many British people feel like aliens in their own homeland.
Added to the 1 in 8 of the population who is foreign born, we can perhaps easily estimate that another 4 in 8 are British born but of non-British ethnicity. Perhaps even more. The conservative figure of 4 in 8 would, added to the 1 in 8 who is foreign born, lead to a total of 5 people in 8 being of non-indigenous origin.
That would mean that 3 people in every 8 – 37.5% of the population – are indigenous British people, already a minority in their own homeland.
If these are the overwhelming results from a 65-year-old ‘experiment’ in mass immigration, how much longer do the British people have as any significant presence in the country named after their race?
With the horrendous birth rates of non-indigenous people in our country – encouraged and financed by a benefits system paid for by us – the total destruction of a British Britain is only a few short years away.
When you live in an area still mainly populated by indigenous Britons, but drive past schools where the majority of pupils are of non-indigenous origin, and drive past Bus Stops where of a crowd of about 30 people there are 4 white faces, or visit the maternity ward of your local hospital and have a hard time finding one white face – then you will realise that the future of the British people in their own homeland is grim.
While the British people have had to endure – because it is ‘racist’ to criticise these invaders – a host of horrendous and non-British practices and traditions brought to their country by these immigrants, like halal slaughter, forced marriages, honour killings, institutionalised corruption, criminal activities and gang warfare, to name a few – what hope can we have of maintaining any part of our culture and heritage when we are an insignificant minority in Britain?
That these invaders and their British-born children and grandchildren ignored and refused to accept our culture and traditions when we formed a majority of the population doesn’t lead to much hope that they will acknowledge them in any way when we are a minority.
Rather, they will continue to force us to accept their way of life until, through weight of numbers, their way of life must become our way of life.
While the politicians from the Lib/Lab/Con parties and their apologists celebrate this ‘diverse’ Britain and with it the decimation of the native people of Britain, their culture and their homeland, these people would be horrified if a similar ethnic replacement happened anywhere else, especially in the lands that these invaders have come from.
Can we imagine the uproar among these people if 62.5% of the population of Africa were white Europeans? Or if India, Pakistan or China were invaded and colonised to the same extent?
The damning indictment of these supposedly liberal and progressive politicians is that the results of their mass immigration policies have been the same as Hitler’s ‘Lebensraum’ policy in Eastern Europe – the removal of the native races and extinction of their cultures to be replaced by an imported population.
It is ironic that the enablers and supporters of the mass immigration that has been forced down the throats of the British people, while calling the British National Party ‘fascist’, should have achieved results that the Nazis would have admired.
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