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Sunday, 17 July 2011

Bradford Bishop sells Out Christianity “Welcomes” Extermination of British People and their Faith

Bradford Bishop “Welcomes” Extermination of British People and their Faith

The Bishop of Bradford, Nick Baines, has reached a new low in the already sorry saga of betrayal of our nation with his comments which amount to a welcoming of the ethnic cleansing of British people from our cities.
Speaking during the recently-held CoE General Synod in York, Rev Baines said some parishes in his diocese were 95 percent Muslim.
“This is a fantastic opportunity,” Rev Baines said. “This should not be seen as a problem” but an “opportunity to rethink what it means to be a Christian community.
“We often ask Muslims to learn what it is to be a Muslim as a minority culture. Maybe we could benefit from learning some of the same lessons in some of our cities,” Rev Baines said.
He went on to say that Christians have to “reimagine what it is to be the Church in areas where they are a minority.”
Earlier, other more sensible members of the Synod had warned that mass immigration was undermining the Church of England as the established faith of the nation.
Rev Baines went on to say that Christians should “learn some of the lessons they have been giving Muslims about cultural integration and mutual coexistence.”
The tragedy of Rev Baines’s comments is that he genuinely does not seem to understand the implications of the racial demographic shift which is underway.
A report issued by the Pew Forum on Religion and Public Life in December last year said that there were at least 2,869,000 Muslims in Britain, an increase of 74 per cent on its previous figure of 1,647,000, which was in turn based on the 2001 census.
This figure is most likely an underestimate, given the extremely poor border controls and lax immigration system encouraged and supported by Tories and Labour alike.
A report from Migration Watch UK in 2008 said that the real number of Muslims in the UK was closer to 3 million, which would be 5 percent of the UK population. That figure would have increased in the last four years, and it is now likely to be closer to 4 or more million.
According to official figures, the Muslim growth rate is the result of a combination of high birth rates (approximately 3.8 per female Muslim, as opposed to 1.3 per non-Muslim female) and immigration. The majority of immigrants have come from Pakistan, followed by Bangladesh and India.
A 2010 report in the online meat trading journal claimed that there are already six million halal meat eaters in Britain.
An article in that journal dealing with the decision by supermarket Tesco to launch a “halal barbeque range” to tap a “growing market” says that “the UK barbecue market has an estimated annual worth of £2.8 billion, with a calculated 6 million consumers of halal meat in the UK.”
Rev Baines has failed to realise — or perhaps he has — that mass immigration will see the extinction of his own kind and his faith. A culture is not, as Andrew Brons MEP once told the European Parliament, a cloak which is taken off and cast aside at the airport passport control desk.
Culture is something inherent in a person, and each society is only a reflection of the collective soul of the majority of its members. The replacement of the British people with a Third World immigrant population will inevitably lead to the replacement of the British culture.
Let all people of good faith pray that Rev Baines will soon see the error of his ways. Otherwise we might well experience the “cultural integration and mutual coexistence” as exemplified in the picture from Saudi Arabia as below.