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Monday, 11 July 2011

Challenging the Immoral Liberal ‘Experts’ and Their Claims

Challenging the Immoral Liberal ‘Experts’

By Maid of Kent –
In a report in last Friday’s Independent newspaper on the exploding population growth in the UK, the paper published an ‘expert’ analysis by their Economics Editor Sean O’Grady to soften the appalling statistics.
After reporting the shocking population growth of nearly half a million people last year alone in our tiny island, the article stated that the UK population is growing at its fastest rate for half a century and went on to add that there are 200,000 more women of child-bearing age in Britain than ten years ago, many of whom were born abroad and who tend to have larger families than British women of child-bearing age.
While carefully publishing select figures that they deemed suitable for public knowledge in order to mask the number of those half a million people who were new immigrants to our country in that year and how many of the 134,000 more births last year than in 2001 were to immigrants and non-indigenous people, the Independent backed up their version of this news with O’Grady’s ‘expert’ economic analysis titled ‘The more people who come to the UK, the better it is for us all’.
Ignoring the fact that we have many unemployed people here who cannot find work because the jobs don’t exist, O’Grady seeks to use the expert status that his position as Economics Editor implies to brainwash readers into blindly accepting his ideologically perverted opinion as unarguable fact.
Shockingly for someone who writes for a supposedly liberal newspaper, O’Grady makes the offensive claim that without illegal immigrants working as cleaners, hotel staff and taxi drivers, London’s thriving tourist trade would collapse.
Ignoring any suspicions that a reader may have on the implications of such a comment, that O’Grady is either suggesting that the indigenous British people are now incapable of doing such work or that the jobs are so menial that only illegal immigrants will do them, O’Grady appears to be quite comfortable with the idea of accepting illegal immigrants in our country and working in British jobs as long as an industry profits from the situation.
So perverted has the Liberal ideology become that a supposedly respectable national newspaper like The Independent can publish the suggestion that we support immoral criminal behaviour by encouraging illegal immigrants to enter our country with the tacit understanding that they will work for unlawful wages which, with the high costs of living in our capital city, amount to slave labour. Slave labourers who need to live in garden sheds in our capital city to provide for the profitability of industry and the associated gang masters who profit from their misery. A surprising thought from a supposedly Liberal national newspaper which always seeks to hold the moral high ground.
While most of The Independent’s readers will assume that O’Grady makes such claims because of low wages paid to illegal immigrants, therefore keeping costs low which would aid the profitability of the tourist industry, his argument is disingenuous because surely as an Economics Editor he is aware of the enormous hidden costs to the tax payer of such low-paid illegal immigrants?
Further, O’Grady’s suggestion that we ‘need’ the labour of illegal immigrants to make an industry viable has dangerous implications for the future. With the spiralling costs of all public services caused by the influx of immigrants, legal and illegal, how long before people with O’Grady’s morally flawed political viewpoint suggest that we need illegal immigrants to staff our hospitals and schools and other services?
How long before it is acceptable to O’Grady that we have unchecked illegal immigrants working as doctors and surgeons in our hospitals, as teachers in our schools, as MPs in Westminster and even as Economics Editors employed by national newspapers?
Having been sucked into the Liberal/Marxist ideology, O’Grady is unable to acknowledge or even recognise that the flawed and immoral policies of the traitors whom he and his readership have supported – and still support – are now logically leading to the ‘need’ for further immoral steps, such as the tacit approval of the employment of criminal illegal immigrants in order to keep the whole system working, and reveal the brainwashing of supposedly intelligent people like O’Grady who are hailed as experts in their fields, when their only expertise is their ability to slant reality to suit their ideological views with the result that bad becomes good and good becomes bad.
Experts such as this, who choose to ignore the uncomfortable facts which reveal the enormous flaws inherent in their ideology and who promote their own version of reality by manipulating facts and ultimately applauding immoral and illegal activities.
Furthermore, that O’Grady appears to support the employment of illegal immigrants in an industry where genuine overseas visitors will be exposed and put at risk by them is criminally irresponsible. Genuine visitors from overseas who have already been scammed by the British authorities because they were sold the premise that they were visiting Britain and are shocked to discover upon their arrival here that, due to mass immigration, there is little evidence of being in Britain, O’Grady seems to suggest that it is acceptable to have these visitors exposed to the dangers of being driven by unlicensed and uninsured illegal immigrant taxi drivers and that it is acceptable for them to be exposed to illegal immigrant cleaners and hotel staff who, because of their situation, may be tempted to steal.
Such is the thoughtless and selfish ‘morality’ of the liberal supporters of Marxism.
In the same ‘expert’ analysis, while paying scant acknowledgement to the social and financial damage caused to our country by the Lib/Lab/Con policies of mass immigration, which O’Grady glosses over as a minor problem, he tries to justify these policies by spouting the same old lies that have long been exposed as such.
Using the argument that these immigrants will pay for our pensions when Gordon Brown destroyed the private pensions of millions just to finance the policy of mass immigration is surely such an outdated argument that anyone using it loses all credibility. Yet this financial ‘expert’ expects his readers to accept it blindly as truth.
That O’Grady can even suggest that immigrants will pay our pensions at a time like this when public sector employees are seeing cuts to theirs and the rest of us will suffer a poverty-stricken retirement – if we get to retire at all – is beyond belief.
Following on in his ‘expert’ analysis of why we need mass immigration, O’Grady argues that these immigrants ‘rejuvenate’ our population as they are young, flexible, enterprising, able to work and determined to build a new life in our country.
However, he doesn’t address the reasons why he thinks that native Britons cannot be attributed with the same merits and doesn’t appear to realise that his assertions favouring immigrants could be construed as racist.
He also doesn’t make clear why immigrants to this country should have these gifts when they were apparently unable to produce such rejuvenating results in their countries of origin.
While O’Grady’s opinion is that we supposedly ‘need’ millions of immigrants to address the demographic imbalance in our native population, ignoring the reasons for that imbalance is dishonest. O’Grady surely knows that the criminal and irresponsible abuse of the Welfare system allowed and encouraged by the Lib/Lab/Con politicians which made ordinary British workers pay unaffordable amounts in taxation to support lazy and feckless people led to the situation where those tax paying workers could not afford to have children of their own or had to severely limit the size of their families?
He must also be aware that the same easily abused Welfare system has led to the death of enterprise and determination among the young of the indigenous population, who see the comfortable lives of those on benefits as an easy path to follow. Taking into account the dismal education of our children caused by the policies of the Lib/Lab/Con politicians, where they are not equipped with the knowledge needed to lead successful lives in our economy, his lauding of immigrants’ abilities and enterprise is difficult to swallow.
Especially when the children of such immigrants will receive the same dismal education and will also be exposed to the same corrupting influences of our easily abused welfare system.
The real question raised by O’Grady’s expert economics analysis – one that he doesn’t answer – is when he declares that the more people who come to the UK, the better it will be for us all.
Just how many immigrants does this ‘expert’ O’Grady think it will take to make it better for us all?
Will it be ‘better’ when we have a population of 100 million? 200 million? Perhaps 500 million will satisfy the so-called Liberal elite like O’Grady?
Can he possibly explain why he believes that mass immigration is ‘better for us all’ when, after the importation of more immigrants into our country in the last 65 years than ever before in our history, we are a financially bankrupt nation?
It is the duty of the British National Party – a duty that we do not shrink from – to expose the flaws and deep immorality of the ideologies that so-called experts like O’Grady attempt to promote as the only answer to Britain’s problems, when it is those same ideologies that have caused them.