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Sunday, 31 July 2011

Norway : To explain the inexcusable

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Written by Sarah Albion

Three roses floating in the rea

The events which took place in Oslo a week last Friday can not be defended, let alone excused, under any circumstances. The killing and maiming of innocent people, many of them children, no matter who’s children they may have been, was an act of evil and barbarity which no reasonable person, whatever their views or political ideology, can condone or forgive.

For a Nationalist to resort to violence not only runs contrary to the love which inspires our very nationalism, but it is immensely damaging to our cause and to everything we hold dear. On a practical level, it also alienates any potential support and is a gift to our enemies who will use the actions of one deranged monster to smear all those of us who resist the invasion of our lands.

Thus it has been with the Norwegian horror of July 22nd 2001. The madman, Anders Breivik, already referred to as Europe's Timothy McVeigh, is no friend to the white race or to the preservation of a European culture. His actions have put back the native European cause by decades, and may well have advanced the Islamification of Europe which he claims to oppose. For how often in the last week have we read of heard the serpent like calls of those seeking to exploit this evil, that the best was to express our opposition to this atrocity is to support increased immigration.

We should never underestimate the vileness of our enemy, or how they will enlist any horror for their cause.

No good can come from Breivik’s insanity, and in no way can this monstrosity be excused. However, the same can be said of the carnage in New York in September 2011, Madrid in March 2004, London in July 2007 of Mumbai in November 2008, these too we acts of bloodthirsty evil which can never be forgiven or ever excused.

That did not, of course, prevent twenty thousand pundits from attempting to explain them or to outline the culpability of Western government policies in bringing them about.

In similar manner this event can be explained and a light also shone upon the role played by western governments in causing it to happen.

All systems of political repression and ongoing political persecution will eventually lead to acts of violent opposition, and had it not been for the repression and persecution now practised by the Western establishment in suppressing all opposition to multiculturalism, Breivik is unlikely to have ever committed his heinous act.

It was he who planted the bombs and shot at the children of the elite, but much of the blood he spilt is also on the hands of that very elite and with those within politics and in the controlled media who actively denied him a voice and who vilified his legitimate concerns.

That may sound absurd to those who share the current political orthodoxy or who, at least pay lip service to so doing, as they can have no comprehension of the level of political repression under which we all live, and the degree to which political dissent is now persecuted.

Those of us who do not share the state approved attitudes, and especially those who attempt to speak out against them know full well how dangerous it is to do so and how overwhelming the current levels of repression actually are.

In Britain, the degree of political terror which currently exists within our so called democracy is evident by how often ordinary, decent, members of the public will start any less than glowing reference to race, immigration or multiculturalism with the urgent assurance that they are “not racist”, whist at the same time they will invariably lower their voice and even often glance over their shoulders, to check they are not overheard, before speaking.

It is clear from every poll that a significant majority of the public hold significant concerns about mass immigration, multiculturalism, and the increasing influence of Islam, yet there is no platform within any of the three main political parties which reflect those views. Neither has immigration or the islamification of Europe featured in any in any of their manifestos - with the exception of a fuzzy aspiration by the Conservatives at the last election to reduce annual non-European immigration to a still overwhelming “Tens of thousands” (which could amount to numbers equal to the current UK prison population or two towns the size of Salisbury arriving each year)

Those few and tiny political parties which actively seek to reverse immigration and oppose the European Caliphate are universally vilified. Meanwhile, government funded QUANGOs such as the EHRC actively seek to crush them and repeated attempts are made to imprison their leadership.

The state controlled media (the only available mainstream media in the country) misrepresent and pillory the parties and anyone who publicly dares to support them, whilst the main journalist union prevent their members from fairly reporting them.

As this is going on, party members are prevented from working in various occupations, such as the police and they are even excluded by the church.

At the same time popular figures within the entertainment media, such as public school poser Russell Howard, will mock and lampoon the supporters of non-state approved organisations, including those who speak authentically in the accents he pretends to imitate.

Like most people, I totally condemn Anders Breivik’s actions but, also like most people I share many of his concerns. Yet neither he, I nor the millions who feel the same, can express those concerns without being condemned and there is no political party representing those concerns, which has a chance of gaining power that I can vote for.

Yet they are views which are held to some degree by the majority of the population

How surprising is it that an unbalanced man might decide there was no peaceful or democratic means of opposing what he perceived quite rightly to be the ethic cleansing of his homeland?

Where is democracy if you do not chant approved politically correct mantras? When those tiny political parties which do genuinely represent the majority view attempt to participate in the democratic process, the state, together with all the other parties combine to crush them. They are denied shared access to political platforms whilst the controlled media lies and lies and lies and lies and lies. As we saw in Barking and Dagenham, supporters of the multiculturalism, with the connivance of the British state, will go to the extent of importing thousands of new ethnic minority voters into an area in order to defeat a Nationalist candidate.

After what we have witnessed, there can be few reading this article which do not share my feelings of frustration, anger, grief and impotence when considering what passes for democracy in Britain. Not only am I unable to change anything, but I can not even participate because the dictatorship under which I live will not allow a viable option, which I can support, to exist.

How easy would it be for that frustration, that anger and those feelings of grief and impotence to turn to rage?

Is that what happened to Anders Breivik?

After all, what happens in Britain is no difference that what is happening across Europe.

The treatment of the Vlaams Belang party by the Belgian government, and its attempts to stamp on political opposition would make a third world dictator like Mugabe blush. Scandinavian governments like the Swedish, and to some degree the Norwegian and the Fins, impose their draconian brand of selective tolerance with Stalinist levels of oppression, often accompanied with state sponsored political violence.

Any real democrat would look upon the treatment of Jobbik in Hungary and shudder. Yet, how many real democrats are their left in European politics?

Where were the political voices raised against the show trials of Geert Wilders in Holland, Lars Hedegaard in Denmark, Elizabeth Sabaditsch-Wolff in Austria, or even Nick Griffin in England?

Of course, the politicians of Europe were silent because they are all part of that oppression, they approve the suppression of undesirable thought and silently they applaud the snuffing out of any voices of dissent.

So, what did these demagogs expect?

Have they learned nothing? Or worse, did they know this would happen, and just not care? If you seek to destroy a people, and that as surely as night follows day, is what they are seeking to do. If you take away any means of resistance and deny them even hope, there can be only one result, and there will be blood.

Events such as the carnage in Oslo became inevitable when those who rule us set out to impose the tyranny of political correctness across a continent, and when they with their lackey propagandists in the media, together with the state police, decided to silence the voice of a once great people.

I hold no brief for the maniac of Oslo, he is a vile and deluded man, who, as he sits smugly in this cell imagining himself a warrior, can not start to comprehend the evil he has done, not only to the innocents he has killed but to his own people and to the great culture he claims to be defending.

However, whilst I condemn utterly his actions, I would lie were I to say I do not understand and share many of his concerns, for they are the concerns shared by most Europeans. I would lie also if I said I did not understand his rage, for it comes from a place where our frustrations, our fear, our grief and our feelings of helpless at what is happening could well lead us all.

Yet he is not our creation. He is the creature of those who hate us, for it was they who cultivated the fertile soil in which his rage and madness grew.

It was those who are destroying us that created him.

Our politicians, leaders, multicultural fanatics and selfish capitalists seeking a cheap and obedient labour force, our craven media, our “right on” anti-racist pop stars and liberal entertainers together with advocates of political correctness and intolerant toleration should look to themselves when seeking to apportion blame for Oslo and find the cause for what occurred.

For it was they who nurtured the hate which grew in that maniac, and in their foetid souls lies the dank and malodorous womb from which the monster, and who knows how many others, came to crawl.