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Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Can you compete with Workers on 30 pence a day? Join us In Support of British Working People

Can you compete on 30 pence a day?

There is only one party that speaks out for the neglected, forgotten and abandoned British people, us – the British National Party

Can you compete with someone earning just 30p a day? That's what Indonesian factory staff are paid to produce Nike trainers.
Workers at these sweatshops enjoy few rights. They have no Union protection. They are often subjected to abuse if they don't meet targets. This exploitation enables firms like Nike to make huge profits. Their trainers can sell for £50 a pair. Cheap, non-unionised Labour in countries like Indonesia is one reason that Nike and others build factories there.

These low standards give them a huge economic advantage over our UK-based factories.

- We know that trying to compete with low-wage, low-standards economies will not succeed.
- Our industries have been decimated because multinationals have been allowed to move production abroad but still sell their over-priced products in our home market.
- They show no loyalty to our country and people – all they care about is money.
- They throw our people on the dole.
- They exploit people in the Third World.
- They produce cheap there and sell expensive here.

That's great for the fat cats and their bank balances. But what about our people?
What about the families who no longer have breadwinners?
What about the youth who have no prospect of a job and the structured life that employment brings?
What about our blighted communities where small shops and businesses have to close and public services are cut?
There is only one party that speaks out for the neglected, forgotten and abandoned British people, us – the British National Party.
We will never stop speaking out. We will never stop calling for the protection of our jobs and our home markets.
I want the British people to be great again. More than that, I want them to live secure, fulfilled lives in a vibrant, living culture based on their fundamental values. I never tire of fighting for that. It's just too important. I will never give up or give in.
I am just one man, though. I need your help to win this battle. Are you with me?
I want you to think about the future of your children and grandchildren if they are forced to compete with near slave labour. Their current future is a de-industrialised wasteland. No future and no hope. Is that what you want for them? Will that be your legacy?
If, like me, you care and want to make a difference, take a small step – join the British National Party today. You'll find passionate people who care about our country – people just like you. You will be able to join with them to change the course of our nation's history before it is too late. Join with us and campaign for a real future with jobs and economic security.
I know I can count on you.
Yours sincerely,

Nick Griffin, MEP
Leader, British National Party

P.S. Trying to compete with cheap labour will destroy us. We must protect our jobs and home markets. Only the British National Party faces facts. That's why you should join today to show you care and make a difference. Join the British National Party today, and become part of the solution.