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Saturday, 23 July 2011

Great Response to British National Euro Referendum Campaign in Horwich

Yesterday 7 activists of the Bolton British National Party held a table top for the campaign in Horwich calling for a referendum on the continued British membership of the EU.
The response from the residents of Horwich was superb with many people signing the petition and many taking information on the British National Party . And also we had two applications for membership of the party. In effect the response was brilliant. We even had a the funny site of a Local Labour Councillor huffing and puffing his way past, like a spoiled child.

We were delighted to dispel many of the the myths about the British National Party that are spread the main Three parties.By the polite and courteous and respectful conduct to the residents of Horwich. And many of the people we spoke to were indeed delighted at the breadth of knowledge and openness of the British National Party team, on matters ranging from economics to the Christian faith. which showed them that we in the British National Party do not consider them just plebeians as does the Lib/Lab/Con axis, but as real individuals who concerns over he EU, immigration and the destruction of our nation and culture, are of a valid and justifiable concern to all.

You to can sign the petition by clicking on the link below, thankyou for your support!
click here for Petition