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Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Labour And The progressive destruction of “Change”

The progressive destruction of “Change” PDF Print E-mail
Written by Sarah Albion
October 2011

Ed Milliband addressing Labour conference

There he was on stage this week, that rather geeky little man with the disturbing stare who now leads the Labour Party, and he was chanting the same mantra they all keep repeating “I'm up for the fight to change Britain” he hooted in the unattractive nasal way he does, “Britain needs to change”.

They are all so addicted to that little word “change” aren’t they, they flourish it at every juncture and scatter it liberally through any speech, but what do they mean by it?

Look to the definitions of change in any dictionary and what will you find? – “alter, amend, transform, make different, transfer, substitute, replace” – not one of those words guarantees anything good will come from the process, just that it will not be the same when its done.

Death brings change, disease and bad luck bring change, America's flawed Messiah promised “change” and that benighted nation is drowning in those changes as I write. For two generations or more Western politicians have promised change, indeed many have brought change, and how many of those changes are we any better for? Count the good ones on your hand and you'll find you still have fingers to spare.

Is it not true that the real “change” we need is the means of reversing all the ill thought through and many truly malevolent “changes” which have been forced upon us in recent decades.

Another word they all adore is “progressive”. Politicians of all shades, red, yellow, green and blue all claim to be “progressive” and our media murmur the word as if with reverence, but has the “progress” they have brought been for good or ill?

Cancer is progressive, so is syphilis, woodworm, dry rot and dementia, and all of them bring friendlier changes than have the “progressive” politicians and reformers of our age.

But those people never were our friends.

Like the Communist revolutionaries and Frankfurt school plotters who came before them, the malevolent old men who came of age in the 1960's and 1970's and who rule us now, remain fixated with changing the world, and my God they have done so, although not for the better. Our betterment never was their plan. They have brought change in the form only of destruction, and that was, and remains, the whole point. What should replace that which they destroy is less relevant to them, in fact I doubt they even care, they remain obsessed with their all consuming hatred of the once great and powerful West, and that leaves little room for anything else.

It is a strange hatred these old men and women and their unattractive spawn feel for the history of the West inspired as it is by iconoclasm, a desire for anarchy and a deep self-loathing death wish. It is a hatred based on the myths, lies and calumny they have repeated so often they perhaps now even believe it themselves.

As the ugliest girl might hate the prettiest, not for her sins but for her beauty and her grace, they hate us not for our flaws but for our achievements. We achieved what others could not, and in the eyes of the aging 60's revolutionaries that in itself means we are an evil they must destroy.

Theirs is a hatred entirely misplaced. The West, and those of European, particularly Nordic and Anglo Saxon origin, have brought more benefit to humanity than any other group in the history of the world, in fact, by comparison with our contribution that of any other group is reduced to insignificance, assuming they indeed made any contribution at all.

If you look to the origins of any development or movement which has improved the general well being of mankind, you will almost certainly find at its core a white European male, or a white male of European ancestry, the same would not apply to any other group you may wish to name.

Those who hate the West point to the evil we have done, but by any standards the evil is minor when set against the good.

For every weapon which white men created they have made and distributed a million pills which have cured more diseases and saved more lives than died in all the wars in history. For every slave which the white race once owned we were instrumental in the freedom of a hundred others, and every act of brutality we committed has been compensated for by a thousand acts of charity and benevolence.

No other group can even start to claim the same

To an overwhelming degree, white Westerners, especially white western males, have historically been a greater force for good than any other group. However, it is white westerners, especially white men, who have been primarily undermined by the changes imposed upon our societies by, so called, progressives. It is they, who have given so much, whom the progressives most hate.

Lesser men are marked for what they destroy, not for what they create, for more than half a century lesser men have ruled the West, and we see the trail of their destruction all around us.

The liars in the media tell us that Western Society is flawed and failing, yet it is not western society but its enemies which has brought us to where we are, our fault, if any, is our refusal to confront them or to call them on their lies.

And what lies they told us.

We were told that opening our borders to mass third world immigration would boost our economies and protect our pensions, how those lies have been exposed as the exact reverse has come to pass. Our economies are collapsing, they are in the worst state they have ever been and our once guaranteed pensions have become a fading and distant illusion.

Our services would collapse without immigration they told us, whereas in truth they are now collapsing beneath the ravenous influx which devours them.

We may, some of us feel briefly better off, but that is just an illusion, a temporary high bought on credit, money we borrowed, or which our government did, and its all about to fall around our ears. If you own nothing but debt, you own nothing.

The fabled benefits of immigration have been exposed for the lies they always were, and in the most devastating way. Yet our borders are still open, and still they come.

Meanwhile, other states, the real and only beneficiaries of globalization, and the net exporters of immigrants, rather than importers, states like Brazil, China and India boom and thrive at our expense.

We are the “racists” if we resist they chided, whilst they set about producing a hundred thousand books, movies, and TV shows depicting us as vile and filled with hate, yet it is we who are the victims of race hate, we who are the main victims of race hate crimes and we who are being driven from our towns and cities, many, such as our capital, we have already all but surrendered. It is we who are being ethnically cleansed.

The single greatest “change” they have brought about is the way they have forced us to give up our homelands to a massive third world invasion, and it is this, above all else, which is destroying us. A few short decades ago all the great powers of this planet were Western powers, we now face a situation whereby it is expected that within twenty to thirty years only 25% of the planet's wealth will be held by the West. That is a great result if you believe in egalitarianism irrespective of merit, but not if you care about the future of the West, or indeed the future of our planet.

The great achievement of the egalitarian lobby will be to have placed 75% of the world's wealth in the hands of totalitarian governments and immensely rich third world plutocrats, for whom human rights is an alien and ludicrous concept.

This is a politically manufactured outcome achieved through the “changes” our leaders have forced down our unwilling throats and by their special brand of “progress” which they beguiled us into believing would improve our lot.

As the west crumbles and declines, how can they still claim that mass third immigration brings us benefit when clear evidence to the contrary is all around us. Yet they still claim it, and crazy as it seems, there are some who still believe it.

It's a lie, and, in most respects, it always was.

The super rich achieve a short term benefit from mass immigration because it depresses the wages they have to pay, a few politicians benefit by virtue of the votes which their imported constituency bring. However, beyond that small and unattractive coterie of corruption and contempt, nobody else benefits in any way.

There is no widespread benefit from mass immigration, it is a vehicle for change, and that's all it was intended for. But of a change which only brings destruction, and the only purpose of which is to replace what was already there, nothing more.

That any good should come from that process was never the plan.