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Saturday, 15 October 2011

The Sad Tale of the Gay Witches

The Sad Tale of the Gay Witches

By Southwest Nationalist.

Hysteria continues as an early learning consultant, Anne O’Connor, who advises authorities on equality and diversity, decides witches wearing black could lead to racism.

It sends a hidden message, giving children a negative attitude about dark colours, which may well lead to racism apparently.

Instead of black, witches should now wear pink. She didn’t think that one through, may well cause negative perceptions of the gay community perhaps?

Cutesy fairies, traditionally clad in whites and paler colours, should now wear darker clothes.

Get this as well, when a teacher is asked their favourite colour, in the interests of good race relations they should be prepared to be economical with the truth – aka lie – and answer black or brown. Best not tell the truth if their favourite colour is white, the PC Gestapo will be there in a shot.

Also gone should be white paper, children need a range of paper and crayons that reflect the diversity of the human race.

What next? Shall we start adding colouring to their milk so that it is black, or give them brown apples in case they feel unable to identify with green? Come on, this is so crazy it would be laughable if it wasn’t our kids being forced to endure it.

Seemingly it is all part of some “anti-bias” approach to young children, involving staff ‘helping’ them to avoid racial bias which can manifest from the age of 2, and which staff have then have to ‘help’ them unlearn.

Sounds exactly like brainwashing to me.

It’s bad enough there is such hysteria and insane dogma to begin with, but attempting to inflict the madness upon our children is a step too far, made even worse by the fact that authorities seemingly listen to such twaddle.

Our kids should not be pawns in some maniac crusade of political correctness and social engineering, they shouldn’t be brainwashed into being the neurotic, equality obsessed standard bearers of a crazed ideology.

It’s these so called experts, obsessed with seeing race in everything, who need re-educating, not the children.

We’re turning into some sterile and barren mass in the quest to become equal, a smothering insanity which aims to stifle all free thought and all difference.

It’s not equality anyway, it cannot be true racial equality in the way its proponents would have us believe if it insists on promoting one colour over another.

Equality carried to its logical conclusion would leave nothing but shades of grey, but the so called equality being forced upon Britain is simply an inequality where all other colours than white must be shown in a positive light.

Society truly has gone insane.