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Wednesday, 5 October 2011

The Great British Nurse and Midwife Exodus

The Great Nurse and Midwife Exodus

By Southwest Nationalist.

Fresh from the realms of you couldn’t make it up comes news that around 4,200 nurses and midwives have left the UK – to go and work in foreign hospitals.

The exodus comes as many leave ahead of ConDem taking an axe to the NHS, and head for sunny climes such as Australia or the Middle East.

What’s so bizarre about the whole situation?

Back in January of this year we had David Nicholson, NHS Chief Executive, warn that the UK was facing a shortfall of 4,500 midwives.

We also learned that British aid money is being used to fund the training of new midwives in numerous countries, including Ethiopia, Kenya, Bangladesh, Zimbabwe, and India.

The situation is ludicrous.

We’re losing midwives and nurses as they flee abroad ahead of the heavy round of job losses which will be inflicted on the NHS due to ConDems austerity measures – there isn’t enough money it seems.

We’re already short of midwives as it is, this can only make the entire situation worse.

And, to top it all off, we’re funding the training of midwives in multiple countries. There is plenty of money for that it seems.

Britain is short of midwives, is losing midwives due to a supposed lack of money, and is busy funding midwives for nearly everyone else on the planet.

Anyone else notice the insanity and contradictions there?

We in Britain are left watching as our essential services crumble, and the politicians who should be maintaining them hand over huge amounts of our money to foreign nations.

First World Britain and every third world nation on earth will meet in standards at some point – in the middle as our standards decline whilst we spend all our money on improving their standard