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Sunday, 23 October 2011

Why Shouldn’t We Whites Yell Racism Too?

Why Shouldn’t Whites Yell Racism Too?

By Southwest Nationalist.

News that 6 white police officers are to sue Scotland Yard over alleged racial discrimination against them is not a huge shock.

We’ve all known for years that white (and if you throw male, and heterosexual into the mix then you’re very bottom of the pile) is the most discriminated against group in our society, the group it seems fashionable to persecute and exclude at every opportunity.

“It was a black officer making an allegation against six white officers. If it had been a white officer making that allegation, then the matter would have been dealt with in-house there and then. That would have been the end of it” said retired Sergeant William Wilson.

“If there is any allegation by any black or ethnic minority person against white police officers, they have gone in completely the opposite direction to the point where it is actually the white officers getting discriminated against”

Of course. Whites are racist due to hatred, it’s ingrained in all of us, the only way to prove you are not racist is to savagely persecute other whites in glorious showtrials.

Minorities cannot be racist, it is racist to think they could be, we’ll hush it up. Racism is a crime which is only ever committed by whites against minorities.

The fact that there’s a Black Police Association but not a White Police Association, and any officer forming a White association would probably be kicked out for racism, certainly suggests that discrimination is at play.

Ditto with job advertisements where minorities are given a head start, a chance to be fast tracked, and the white male is told that they are not welcome.

What particularly interests me with this story though is that the whites are fighting back, suing, and alleging racial discrimination in return.

What a predicament for a race obsessed society where racism is seen everywhere, where it is the most heinous crime and guilt is usually assumed whether there is evidence or not.

If they do not investigate claims of racism against whites vigorously then they admit the system is, in itself, utterly discriminatory.

They have no choice but to investigate and take action, failure to do so would prove to the entire nation that racism, and other hate offences, created supposedly to end discrimination, are in fact founded on discrimination and applied in a discriminatory way.

That failure to act by the authorities, with accompanying publicity and media reports, would be a victory for all those who believe this politically correct system is a poisonous nightmare.

Or, they do act. It costs them money, and the system is already creaking. Some cases may well be won, legal admission that discrimination and institutional racism exists against white people. Again, a victory.

Instead of staying silent and allowing ourselves to be victims of this insane bureaucracy of discrimination, we should use it, use the enemies weapons against them, expose the whole rotten structure for what it is.

Why should we shy away from yelling ‘racism’ every time we feel discriminated against, why should we just shrug and bear it? Yelling racism at every opportunity seems to have worked very well for minorities.

We know nobody cares about us, the system is not meant to further us but rather to slap us down, but our complaining, and complaining often, leaves the system between a rock and a hard place.

It is win every time for us, even if it does no more than cost them a little time and money pretending to investigate and then telling us tough.

That’s how the whole racism system works – yell loud and yell often and people listen. Why shouldn’t we do the same?

Get complaining to the EHRC over everything we see around us that discriminates against whites, every time we feel the colour of our skin led to an unfavourable outcome for us then complain. Give Trevor and his race Gestapo a lot of extra work to do.

Sure beats sitting back and letting the race Gestapo hound us out of British life without us making so much as a whimper just in case it’s perceived as racist.