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Monday, 31 October 2011

This Islands Population Incompatibility

This Population Incompatibility

By Southwest Nationalist.

Figures released by the Office for National Statistics (ONS) have predicted that the population of the UK will hit 70 million by 2027, driven in large part by immigration and immigrant birth rates.

At least two thirds of the population increase is attributed to either immigration, or immigrant cradles. It’s actually worth noting that the 70 million in 2027 figure is based on a medium level estimate, there is a higher variant which paints a much bleaker picture.

With Tory, Liberal and Labour all demonstrating beyond a shadow of a doubt that they are incapable of controlling our borders, and with increasing turmoil in the world due to wars, the ‘Arab spring’, not to mention famine (again, exacerbated by over-population), one suspects the higher variant is likely to be closer to the truth.

We already see the figures revised upwards, it was just a little while ago we were not supposed to hit 70 million until 2029.

It’s all a strange contradiction.

On the one hand we’re told that there’s a need for austerity and money saving, on the other we continue to allow our population to increase at an unsustainable rate.

The two are utterly incompatible, and allowing population growth to continue is simply adding to all of the problems even those in power are being forced to admit exist.

We do not currently have enough housing, nor is enough being built. We let more people in, and they all need somewhere to live. Incompatible.

We’re supposedly trying to reduce benefit bills on the welfare state, yet we continue to allow our population to swell. Incompatible.

Our overburdened NHS struggles to keep up with demand in the face of budget cutbacks and mounting costs. Despite this, more and more people arrive to add to the demand. Incompatible.

Classrooms are overcrowded, and educational standards are slipping. Government promises to do something about it, but still more people keep arriving in Britain. Incompatible.

We’ve a huge amount of unemployed, all governments pledge to drive down unemployment, yet every day people arrive faster than jobs can be created, and in search of jobs which do not exist. Incompatible, as well as rendering moot any efforts to cut benefit bills.

We’re supposed to be greener, use less resources, create less pollution. It’s a simple truth that population growth undermines all these efforts. Incompatible.

An ever rising population is incompatible with so many of the things society is supposedly seeking to achieve, we could go on and on with this list all day.

Population growth at this phenomenal rate spells disaster, and behind so many issues is the immigration factor as a driving force.

At the border, and by the cradle, so many of Britain’s problems are made far worse.

Mass immigration, and resultant children, are a huge factor in ensuring that we will never tackle many of the problems facing our country. Any gain or saving we can make is utterly offset by the increased demand from a rapidly expanding population.

Nobody in Lib/Lab/Con will ever admit it – the closest they’ll get is we made a mistake, we must reduce immigration a little – but one day a government of any political creed will have to admit to what we are today vilified for saying.

Britain is full, immigration must end.

Sooner or later that point will be reached to such an extent even officialdom must acknowledge it, we have only so much room and resources. The establishment put that off and delay it, but they’re just delaying the inevitable. Like it or not, one day they’ll have to accept and implement it.

Population cannot grow forever. First we see declining standards of living as over-crowding and overuse of resources occurs, then we see disaster and collapse as the population totally outstrips any reasonable hope of sustaining it.

Today’s disaster of a collapsing society with resources being stretched thinner and thinner will be as nothing when, in years to come, the needs of a far higher population must be met.

An ever rising population expanding at an alarming rate is utterly incompatible with meeting the needs of our existing society. We can realise that now and take steps, or delay and know that for every day we wait we’re storing up an even bigger problem.