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Wednesday, 5 October 2011


Why? PDF Print E-mail
Written by Shaunantijihad
October 2011

direction-large_120_x_120In a recent article here, Sarah Albion asked where the changes the Left talk about will lead? She correctly concludes that:

…the only purpose of [the changes they want] is to replace what was already there, nothing more.

That any good should come from that process was never the plan.”

I think it may be instructive to deconstruct why the fascist Left want to destroy the West to see what kind of world it will be like if we let them win.

The Marxists have been convinced, or convinced themselves, that the nation State is the cause of all evil and war in the world, that it was the cause of Africa’s impoverishment, the persecution of Jews, and that the white man is primarily responsible for the nation State. This indictment is the false premise from which these conclusions follow:

- Therefore the nation State must be destroyed
- Therefore the white male must be destroyed

Hence, to effect these ends, mass Negro and Muslim immigration and Internationalism is the policy of all 3 main Parties and is promoted as being good for Britain when it’s actual purpose is to destroy the nation State and the white male that built it. They just tell the average white, working voter a bunch of lies whilst they actually implement this policy. The “Equality Act” is an example of this.

Opposed by the Conservative Party in “opposition”, they passed the “Equality Act” as soon as they were elected. It is only by understanding the goals of the fascist Left can we then begin to understand why they would pass legislation preventing white males from gaining employment if any equally qualified non-white males are available. It serves the goal of destroying the white male, and thus the nation State. Can white females not see that this policy inevitably leads to the destruction of white women and white children too?

There has never been a discussion by the fascist Left of what kind of Europe the white male has, by his historic presence, prevented from coming into existence. But by asking this pertinent question, we can see what Europe will indeed become like if the changes they want to implement and are implementing come to fruition.

So, in order to understand what Europe will be like when the white male is destroyed, we must ask, "Without the white male, what would Europe have been like in the past?"

Inevitably, given our geographical location, we would have been overrun by a Moorish, Arab, Negro, Islamic people. What would that world have been like?

Women would wear burkhas, and never leave the house without a male relative. They would have the legal status afforded by the Sharia. They would be stoned for being raped. They would have their clitorises cut out. They would be legal property, to be bought or sold, or cast aside when no longer required.

Is this a world women want to live in?

Inter-Islamic war would rage not only between Shia and Sunni, but between those who tried to moderate the insanity of the Islamic Theocracy and those who wanted ever closer conformity to the Sharia and the model left by Mohammad. Rich men would have 4 wives, and thus many poor men would have no hope of marriage and sex unless they invaded a non-Islamic country, buggered little boys or animals or paid for “temporary marriage” with women cast out of their homes for younger versions, as is the case in many Islamic nations today. So war would have continued anyway, but as a never ending Islamic version of it, against differing Islamic sects and nations at some times, and against moderate Muslims and women at all times. And that Europe, once 100% Islamic, would cycle down in violence to ever closer conformity to Sharia or world war to implement the world Caliphate.

Is this a world men and children want to live in?

Israel would never have been formed and the Khazars, who believe they are Jews, would have been wiped out by the Muslims. A pan-European policy of extermination of Jews would be enacted to enable the return of the last Imam. Torture and slavery of Jews would be commonplace until they were destroyed. Today, Afghanistan is down to one remaining male Jew. This would be replicated everywhere.

Is this a world Jews want to live in?

Africa would have continued in poverty as it always has and always will due to the low mean IQ of the Negro human, but without overseas aid, and without the infrastructure now enjoyed, such as trains and wells, put there by the white man. Muslims would use Africa for a slave pool, as instructed by the Koran. In Arabic, the word for black man is the same world for slave.

Is this an Africa Negroes want to live in?

There would be no medicine, engines, lightbulbs, electricity, modern agriculture, cheap clothing, washing machines, cheap, mass produced goods of all kinds etc, as the "evil white male" would not have been there to invent them. And that "evil white male" has indeed invented the vast majority of things we take for granted. There would have been no Shakespeare, Wordsworth, Schubert or Brahms, or even Rock or Pop, as music, dance and art were declared Haram.

Is this a world anyone wants to live in?

North and South America would have continued in endless inter-tribal wars and slavery and human sacrifice, just as it was when the white man landed there.

In other words, had Europe not consisted of a white Britain, Germany, France, Spain, Italy, etc. then Europe would have been made up of Islamic nations similar to Afghanistan, Saudi Arabia and Somalia.

Is that a preferable history to the one we do have, even dotted as it is by a few stupid wars? If you say, “No!”, then you must be against making this awful alternative history our inevitable future. And that means you must join us.

And thus, in conclusion, whilst we should regret the stupid wars that we have waged, and still continue to wage, as it happens, under the rule of the fascist Left, the answer is not to turn us into a Negro or Islamic Continent. The answer is not to destroy the white male or the nation State. On the contrary, we must oppose and reverse this.

But now that the fascist Left have made the demographic changes that have put us on a course that inevitably leads to a semi-black-Arab-Pak-white Islamic people, the only way to prevent this is to undo what has been done. It inevitably will not be 100% peaceful. Resisting tyranny never is. But that is the fault of the fascist Left, not ours. But we shall remember those who support us, and those who don’t, and deal with each accordingly.

We have the right to defend ourselves, our nations, and most importantly, our genetic heritage, our Caucasian genes and our Caucasian breeding territory, and for our part, the British isles.

For my part, I ask that if the coming BNP conference does not deliver something tangible that our people can believe in, that we collectively make a petition to ask Dr Frank Ellis to form a Conservative Constitution Party, for we desperately need an eloquent leader.

To ourselves and our posterity, We the people…