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Wednesday, 19 October 2011

EU Parliament Committing “Treachery and Theft” Against Taxpayers

EU Parliament Committing “Treachery and Theft” Against Taxpayers

The European Parliament has committed “treachery and theft” against taxpayers across Europe by putting the interests of illegal immigrants before native Europeans, Andrew Brons MEP has said.

Speaking during a debate on access to healthcare by “migrants in an irregular situation” in the Civil Liberties, Justice and Home Affairs subcommittee of the European Parliament yesterday, Mr Brons said even the wording of the debate was a “verbal monstrosity.

“I am, at best, sceptical about the need for euphemisms. However, the use of euphemisms in Politics is usually motivated by a desire to control thinking and avoid free thought,” Mr Brons said.

“The term ‘irregular migrants’ was bad enough but ‘migrants in an irregular situation’ is a verbal monstrosity.

“If you want to use a euphemism and avoid the use of the word ‘illegal’ (and I don’t) then why do you not simply refer to them as ‘unauthorised immigrants.’

“Providing health care to those who have not contributed to it and are not even legally present in the country concerned, is self-evidently in their interest and sounds a generous thing to do, so perhaps we should all be in favour of it?” he asked.

“However, this would involve a misuse of the word ‘generous’. Generosity is exercised when a person gives something at his or her own expense – when the person takes money from his own pocket and donates it to a worthy (or even unworthy) cause.

“If we have spare resources at any particular time – a doctor without a patient (or even the prospect of a patient) to treat or even to patronise with unwanted advice, then there could be little objection to the illegal or irregular immigrant receiving the benefit,” Mr Brons continued.

“However, usually the demand for health care resources exceeds the supply and even people who have contributed through their taxes to the cost of care are forced to go without.

“Others have to join waiting lists that reduce their chances of recovery.

“In the United Kingdom, we hear every so often that a particular effective treatment is routinely withheld because it is too expensive.

“This week it was treatment for skin cancer. This means that the cost of treating every non-contributing patient is the extra contributing patient being left on a waiting list or refused treatment altogether,” he said.

“If a patient in a queue for health care were to voluntarily forgo treatment so that an illegal or irregular migrant might be treated instead, that would indeed be an act of generosity.

“However, for well-paid MEPs, who can afford private health care but who don’t have to afford it because we receive two-thirds of our private health care subsidised, to tell contributing patients that they must make way for non-contributing patients to receive treatment, is not an act of generosity, it is an act of treachery and an act of theft.

“However, I have a suggestion,” Mr Brons added. “It is that MEPs in favour of free health care, should establish a fund financed from their own net incomes to pay for this care. Now that would be real generosity but I suspect that we shall not see much of it.”