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Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Biased BBC Fantasy and the Balkanisation of Britain.

BBC Fantasy and the Balkanisation of Britain. PDF Print E-mail
Written by Tim Heydon

mixed3_120_x_143We told them so

One of the wonders of our present age is the mysterious manner in which Lefists / Liberals manage to cling on to their belief that mass immigration and multiracialism is working out just fine in our country. The races, they think, or wish us to think, are getting along swimmingly.

Thus, as the captive audience of the BBC will be aware, this repository of the pure flame of Cultural Marxism has been running a ‘mixed race’ season presented by their tame Tamil frontsperson, George Alagaiah. Blacks and Asians were, it was indicated by a smiling George, interbreeding with whites in line with the apparent plan to extinguish the evil, hated white race from the face of the earth. ‘Race’ no longer matters much when it comes to picking a partner, indicated our George.

Three Children from Three Racially Different Fathers

As he said this, the cameras moved immediately to a woman who, we were told, had children by three different fathers, all of them of different races. This female, whose undiscriminating behaviour (in more ways than one) we were invited to approve of, was the very type of the post modern individual favoured by the BBC. ‘I teach my children different religions’ she said, as if the truth or otherwise of them was of no greater importance than who she copulated with.

As none of the assorted fathers of these children was in evidence, we may hazard a well-educated guess that it is we the taxpayers who are funding this ‘single mother’s’ ‘lifestyle choice’, about which we are not allowed to be ‘judgemental’ and that it is because her priority is to keep the benefit money flowing that she is so careless as to who she allows herself to be impregnated by on such a regular basis.

Phil Mitchell – Racist?

Meanwhile back at that source of endless lies about the true nature of race relations and other PC matters in London, ’East Enders’, we were expected to believe that an individual like Phil Mitchell would be distressed by being called a ’racist’. Having lived with and around what might loosely be called East Enders for most of long life, your writer can vouch for the fact that most of them would be indifferent to such an appellation and many would consider it a badge of honour.

The greater lie of course is that in the real world most of the Phil Mitchells and their families are living in places like Romford, Dagenham, Barking, Basildon, Southend, Waltham Cross and Enfield, having been ethnically cleansed from the East End by Labour’s housing policy which favoured immigrants. The truth though is that they would have left heavily immigrant areas anyway. There can be few real East Enders who would willingly want to live (for example) along the Mile End Road Aldgate or parts of the A12 into London, which might just as well be Karachi or some other sub-continental city.

In the real World, London becomes Johannesburg

The truth of race relations in London and elsewhere is to be found in the remarks of David Levin, the apparently Jewish Head Master of the prestigious City of London School. Levin said in a speech at the Headmasters’ and Headmistresses’ Conference that Britain was becoming a ‘silo society’ as many young people never leave their own housing estate or mix with children from different racial or religious backgrounds. A recent report found that schools in Manchester were largely split on racial lines. More than 8 in 10 Pakistani or Bangladeshi pupils attend school where fewer than 20 per cent of children are white. Levin went on that he grew up in South Africa ‘where apartheid was imposed and people had to live in different areas. Increasingly I am alarmed at the way London is divided into ghettos….I think London is sleepwalking towards Johannesburg, the ghettoisation of the community’.

The Balkanisation of London shows the Truth. London the Racial and Cultural Melting Pot is a Lie

This Balkanisation of London and other cities shows quite clearly that the Left – Liberal dream of our country as a ‘melting pot’ churning out ‘coffee – coloured people by the score’ is a myth, notwithstanding some undoubted miscegenation, mainly among the white underclass. People prefer their own sort as they always have done and will do their best to live and work amongst them if they can manage it.

No amount of leftist propaganda to the contrary from the BBC and other cultural Marxist organisations is going to change that, at least, not easily and not for a long, long time. In fact It is probable, if the model of other multiracial societies across the world is anything to go by that eventually Britain will arrange itself socially in the form of a racial hierarchy, split also geographically by race.

Brazil: The Racial Social Hierarchy of the ‘Model Multiracial Society’

For example, Brazil is often held up by multiculti enthusiasts as the perfect example of a multiracial society, The Brazilian sociologist Gilberto Freyre said BBC fashion in 1945 (p9) that ‘race relations in Brazil are probably the nearest approach to paradise to be found anywhere in the world’. Other sociologists asserted that Brazil had ‘a non-racist national culture in which ‘racial democracy’ flourished (Winant 1990 p174). However subsequent UNESCO research ‘documented as never before the prevalence of racial discrimination’ (Winant 190 p175) and found that Afro-Brazilians remained overwhelmingly concentrated at the lowest economic level and that negative attitudes to a dark skin were widespread.’ A number of others have noted a socio-economic status hierarchy related to skin colour in Brazil, eg ‘lighter skin colour carries prestige’ (Banton 1967 p265) ‘the higher the job rank, the lighter the skin is likely to be ;’ (Sansone 2000 p152, ) etc etc.

The Racial Nature of the Brazilian Socio- Economic is Reflected World- Wide. So why should Britain be different?

The socio-economic racial gradation in Brazil reflects the gradation apparent just about everywhere and follows the average IQ gradient of the respective races (Lynn, The Global Bell Curve 2008 pp 63-81). East Orientals (In this case the Japanese) are at the top followed by Europeans, then Mulattos (including mestizos and Amerindians) with Blacks (as always) at the bottom. This is despite the fact that the Japanese arrived in Brazil as indentured farm labourers. ‘Within a generation most of them became owner farmers. They prospered because they were more than eight times as productive as their Brazilian counterparts…. In the second half of the twentieth century ‘Japanese vertical mobility was rapid and most were… able to rise into the middle class in both rural and urban areas,’ (Dwyer and Lovell 1990, p188) Whole cities in Brazil – where much of the increasing wealth of that country is produced – are now largely Japanese.

The Moral Case for a Racially, Culturally and Religiously Homogenous State.

The great damage done to our society by the influx of immigrants and the multiculturalisation that has followed it in terms of social disintegration and dislocation and the addition of a toxic racial dimension to the socio-economic hierarchies is a surely overwhelmingly powerful argument against these policies.

The demonstrable fact that allowed freely to choose and having the financial ability, people will naturally sort themselves racially culturally and religiously in the way that they are doing in London and elsewhere and have done throughout history so far as can be determined, provides a most powerful and positive moral case for a racially, culturally and religiously homogenous state. The case for the division of Britain into ethnic states like the former Yugoslavia is a very strong one which may well be the eventual upshot of the stupid policies pursued by our representatives some time down the line.

(The argument that ethnic states cause major wars died with nuclear weapons. In any case we have seen plenty of wars with no racial elements, have we not? )

For who is it who dares tell the population: You must live with these other people, whom you consider aliens, like it or not, because we think it's good for you?

Who but an oppressor and a dictator?