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Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Britain First - A personal invitation

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Written by Paul Golding - Britain First
October 2011

paulgolding2_120_x_145Fellow Patriot,

Are you, like me, heartbroken at the rapid decline of the British patriotic movement from a major political force to a disorganised, disintegrating wreck, plagued with scandals and corruption?

Every single day there are more reasons to be heartbroken and worried for our children's future.

Just recently, David Cameron signalled his support for the EU to become a 'United States of Europe'. This will bring an effective end to British sovereignty, freedom and independence...Britain would literally cease to exist!

I have two great-grandfathers who fought in the Second World War, one was fighting at Dunkirk and the other fought in the Far East.

Most British patriots have relatives who fought for Britain in the war. It was OUR families that defended this country!

Think right now, about your own family members who braved bullets, bombs, tanks and planes for OUR country. Maybe it was your father, grandfather or great-grandfather?

Did they fight for a 'United States of Europe'? No, they fought AGAINST a European super-state where Britain would be gobbled up and made into a subjugated province.

When I look around my country today, I am terrified for my child's future, and I am sure you are too .

This is why I decided to help launch the Britain First movement, and why I believe YOU, should join our organisation, before it is too late!

If our own parents, grandparents and so on, some still with us, some not, were prepared to risk their lives for us, their children and descendents, then we also have a DUTY to future generations of our children and grandchildren.

We cannot allow our country to become a multicultural province of an EU empire without fighting back against the traitor politicians.

But what can we do ?

Most patriotic organisations in Britain are either too small or so discredited and toxic with the public that they are effectively irrelevant.

But there is a new, fresh and well-organised patriotic movement in Britain, one which is growing in strength every single day: it is called 'Britain First'.

In the several months since we launched, Britain First has come from nothing to being a major organisation, with branches established around the country, a rapidly growing membership, and local meetings being held nationwide.

A new movement for a new era...we CAN regain the initiative and begin the march to further successes!

If you care about your country , you should join Britain First and as part of such a credible, honest and modern patriotic movement you can join the crusade to win our country back!

Britain First intends to AVOID all the mistakes of the past that have traditionally held back our movement from mainstream success. Our future is in our hands, it is as simple as that.

Britain First is a dynamic new movement of volunteers - we have no paid staff , all funds go straight into campaigns and activities.

We ARE the only line of resistance remaining for our people - we cannot afford to turn our backs on our children's future!

Why not join the growing legions of patriotic Britons taking a stand against the betrayal of our country by becoming a Britain First member?

Standard membership is only £5 per month (standing order) or a £30 one-off payment. There are rates for unwaged, overseas and also a special Platinum membership.

Britain First membership is open to everyone, both in the UK and abroad. By joining Britain First, you will engage with other patriots who care deeply about our country and take part in exciting, well organised and effective campaigns.

Upon joining Britain First, you will receive a special Britain First membership card, an annual badge, regular campaign updates, a bi-monthly magazine, and discount entry to Britain First conferences and seminars.

But most of all , by joining Britain First you are taking your rightful place in the 'shield wall' to defend this nation and our people.

Yours sincerely
Paul Golding
Campaigns Coordinator

PS: If you are unable to join Britain First because of a specific reason , please email me at and let me know why.

I look forward to hearing from you