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Monday, 10 October 2011

The British Constitution Group - Statement ,oct 2011

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Written by Roger Hayes - BCG
Oct 2011

lawful_rebellion120x120The British Constitution Group’s constitutional conventions on the 22nd October and 5th November 2011 are of the utmost importance. In fact, they are probably the most important gatherings of ordinary people for at least the last century... because they represent the only realistic prospect of igniting opposition against the juggernaut of one-world government that is being imposed upon us – by stealth, without our consent and against our will.

What we are currently witnessing, without exaggeration - is our own enslavement. Our constitution has been destroyed and without its protection a totalitarian regime has being constructed at every level of government and in every institution in the land to control every aspect of our lives.

These conventions are about how we go about defending our freedoms, reasserting our constitution and holding to account those who have betrayed us. These conventions are about justification of our actions and the implementation of a strategy to take back control of our country.

It does not matter how long the betrayal of our nation by the duplicitous political establishment has been going on... what matters now is how close we are to the conclusion of their planned total destruction of our constitution, the subjugation of our sovereign rights and the destruction of our freedoms... and we are getting close.

Economic turmoil would be justification enough to introduce military style curfews – once imposed, they will be in place for a long time... and during this time the finishing touches to the totalitarian regime will be applied. As Greece defaults on its debts in the weeks ahead and with a plethora of European Banks on the brink of collapse... it does not take an Einstein to see the gathering storm.

We need to rally our troops now. We need to up our game... to explain our objectives, outline our tactics and co-ordinate our efforts. Without sense of exaggeration... I can tell you that ‘Your country needs you - and it needs you now.’ Everybody can do something and we urge you to attend so that you can play a part in the next phase of reclaiming our country.

For the past two years we have pondered our fate and explored the myriad of ideas as to how we might construct an effective opposition to the global elite, whose ambition it is to strip us of every freedom so that we can be better controlled to serve their interests. The global corporate elite have been diligent in the extreme to ensure the removal of every vestige of our constitution... to the extent that judges are able to flippantly disregard any mention of it, so even our courts have been silenced by collusion.

There is no question about our constitution right to self-governance... but its chief defender – Her Majesty the Queen, with the armed forces at her disposal, remains silent. Why? The politicians and the judiciary have colluded in treason against their own people and the police remain intellectually dormant – with almost zero understanding that they are being used as a tool of oppression.

This depressing picture can be countered by one positive element only, but a vital one and one which we must grasp and that is that at last an ever-increasing number of people are waking up... and quickly - but time is not on our side... the race is on to wake up a sufficient minority and get them active, before the doors of totalitarianism are slammed shut.

We urge everybody who reads this letter to attend either convention and to distribute this letter as far and as wide as you are able.

Roger Hayes
Chairman – The British Constitution group.