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Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Who and what is behind the Occupy Wall Street Campaign?

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Written by Green Arrow

occupylondon2-01_120_x_185By now, even the most dopiest of our fellow British Citizens will have been awoken to the fact that the Occupy Wall Street campaign has spread to over 100 countries and now arrived in London - which many knowledgeable people consider to be the heart of the NWO/Banksters evil empire.

Now it is true, that the original campaign in Wall Street was kicked off by marxists but it also seemed that those original organisers had been supplanted by individuals and organisations that were genuinely patriotic and sickened by the excess of the Banksters but now I am not so sure.

Now it seems that the reds have recognised the anger of the worlds people against these creatures who are intent on enslaving the world and moulding it into something that most people cannot even conceive of.

Lenin knew that he did not need to have the political support of the masses to win control, all he needed was the dissatisfaction of those masses and they certainly are dissatisfied and angry.

Now whist it is good to see that there are some people in the UK that are aware of the evil of the Banksters, I believe that those people are in the minority at these demonstrations and that the majority of the protesters seem to be made up of a mishmash of Anarchists, Marxists, Trotskyists, Stalinsts and every other ist under the sun, who have managed to harness the concern and fears of decent people.


Now by all accounts, the patriotic American Tea Party seem to be gaining control over the protests in America and that is encouraging news and patriotic parties and organisations in the UK should try to do the same with what is happening outside the London Stock Exchange - we must not let the reds gain the upper hand because at the end of the day, communism is just as evil as what the world bankers have planned for us.

Well take it away in the comment section and make Corsham really work. Thank you for the video Bertie.

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