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Saturday, 29 October 2011


By the Horwich Nationalists

A refreshing change!
Has come to our attention at the Horwich Nationalists that in the USA many black Christian pastors and churchmen are taking on the forces of political correctness and Marxism directly and frankly! By challenging the pernicious black rap style culture of black people, and the Marxist agenda of the Liberal elites who worse than any member of the Klu Klux Klan have done more harm to the Negro race through political correctness by allowing the degeneration of black culture. By promoting a sense of victimhood in the black race and a sense of guilt in the white race over the slavery issue, despite the fact that black Barbary pirates were making slaves of white British people as late as the 18th century. In effect using the vile doctrine of political correctness they have closed down debate and criticism of the degeneration of black culture from it,s aspiration towards western culture as promoted by Dr martin Luther King and other civil rights campaigners. Which has allowed the mass destruction of any semblance of not only black culture worldwide but is now polluting the white youth of western Europe and the USA, from the well just watch the video below to see what this fine gentleman has to say,
And Just remember the howls of Marxist derision suffered by Professor David Starkey from the Liberals in the BBC and the apparatchiks when he tried to raise the issue on black culture after last summers riots.