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Sunday, 30 October 2011

Wake up you stupid Horwich and Bolton Labour Voters

Wake up you stupid Labour Voters PDF Print E-mail
Written by Green Arrow
October 2011

blair-the-hague_120_x_150You know what makes me sick about those people who vote for the Lib/Lab/con trick parties. They whine and moan about the EU, they whine and moan about the foreign wars, they whine and moan about the evil banksters, they whine and moan about immigration and yet still they vote for getting their throats slit some time down the road.

The depraved despot, war criminal, and former Prime Minister for Murder, Tony Blair, has said that Britain needs more unwanted enrichers to pollute Our Country. He says we cannot succeed as a nation unless we have more black and "Asian" rapists, illiterate Somalians, thieving Romanians and lots more mad moslems to rape our children and blow us all to bits some time in the not too distant future.

He says that people like those on this site calling for greater curbs on unwanted foreigners entering Our Country are wrong and that we should have open borders. I say he should be damn well executed for treason and war crimes.

Remember you dull thick stupid Lib/Lab/conned voters, that it was Labour that brought in over 5.5 million unwanted invaders into our country to the detriment of the nations people that built this country.

Blair is a puppet of the New World Order and hopefully he will be hung for his crimes against humanity. Pity is, is that he can only be hung once.

Now sod what party your father and his father voted for - join Britain First and fight back. If nothing else, when the fighting starts you will die with a pair of balls between your legs and not like a neutered slave.