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Saturday, 8 October 2011

“Black History Month” Celebrated in Ethnic Cleansed Tower Hamlets

“Black History Month” Celebrated in Enemy-Occupied Tower Hamlets

The annual taxpayer-funded pro-black fest which focuses on made-up and forged events known as “black history” has kicked off with at least 80 events in Tower Hamlets.

Tower Hamlets, one of many areas in London from which the indigenous white British people have been completely ethnically cleansed by the non-white immigration invasion, is also a hotbed of Islamist extremism

The events this year in Tower Hamlets this month range from “dance and drumming sessions” to film screenings which will pay “homage to African, Caribbean and Black British society.”

The controversial mayor of Tower Hamlets, Lutfur Rahman, was quoted in a local newspaper as saying that “Black History Month is now an important part of the annual calendar as it provides a fantastic platform to highlight the contributions made by black and ethnic minority communities to British life.”

According to an agenda for the month released by the council, Watney Market Library will host a photographic exhibition and the Idea Store in Whitechapel will run an exhibition called “People That Made Black History Month” which will apparently feature black athletes, scientists and adventurers.

As a special bonus, Whitechapel Idea Store will hold an “African drumming workshop,” while the Idea Store in Bow will host “creative workshops for children exploring Aboriginal art and its role in storytelling.”

St John’s church on Bethnal Green church will “host an evening of live music celebrating the heritage, influence and joy of African and Caribbean music” and a “Somali Week Festival” will be held at Oxford House, Derbyshire Street in Bethnal Green.

“Black History Month” is not some stange aberration limited to occupied areas of Britain. The BBC, for example, has an entire section of its website devoted to the topic, and its own unofficial black radio station, BBC 1xtra, has a special feature each day for the month of October on black history.

It will be noticed that there are no “white history months” or special events devoted to “celebrating white society,” inventors, scientists or athletes.

Doubtless, such an event or even the suggestion thereof, would be dismisses and attacked as “racist.”

Furthermore, to add insult to injury, a host of completely made-up events and “scientific inventions” are ascribed to black people. These inventions range from the ludicrous (such as the claim that ancient Egypt was black) to the laughable.

It is not, however, the purpose of anyone to denigrate any other racial group. Each and every people have the right to be proud of their heritage and their achievements, and no-one would want to deny non-white people this right.

But then white European people also have the right to celebrate their heritage, culture and history without fear of being called “racist.”