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Saturday, 8 October 2011

Exposing the Blatantly Biased Communists (BBC)

Exposing the Blatantly Biased Communists (BBC)

October 2011
by Liverpool BNP

Question Time came to Liverpool on the 29th of September as such a Demo was arranged outside the venue, which should have been at St George’s Hall or another of Liverpool’s many magnificent historic buildings. However, in a stroke typical of this liberal leftish establishment the event was actually held in a refurbished warehouse 41-51 Greenland Street, off Jamaica Street NOVAS CONTEMPORARY URBAN CENTRE a Marxist recruiting ground run by a charity called Novas thus pandering to the Zionists and their ‘multicult’ agenda.

Naturally this ‘charity’ is a well oiled, government backed organization that suckles finances from the Zionist Ideology so long as it keeps to the state sanctioned criteria of advancing other cultures above its host cities culture. This area is home to another Labour left wing organization called The Picket’ which also suckles funds from the Ideology using the same method, but uses the Music industries as a recruiting ground. It ensnares vulnerable followers using apparently ‘morally’ sounding shouts like ‘Love Music Hate Racism’. Organizations such as these are the complete opposite to what they are supposed to be encouraging from people- ‘Love’!! What they truly are is hate groups against those who dare to disagree with them. ‘Curiously’ the Picket and Novas are safe havens for Billy Bragg, the Labour Party’s Vera Lyn, who visits them both when in Liverpool.

The nature of the demo was to expose the absolute un-impartiality and left wing bias of the BBC. As such initially British National Party Activist from around the country descended on Liverpool to leaflet the Town Centre.

Meanwhile, back at the southern RV point several state sponsored militias (Merseyside Constabulary) had occupied the small car park in which the Truth Truck was stationed. A short time later the demo’s organiser was approached by this Militias ‘liaison’ officer 8070 who was rather miffed because our party had not entered into dialogue with the Stasi with regard to the forthcoming demo. Of course Liverpool Nationalists have learned from bitter experience that ‘liaising’ with the Stasi does the BNP a lot more harm than good! Following this our team complete with Truth Truck headed off to the venue.

Once at the venue the Truth Truck, which had been following Liverpool Organiser Mike Whitby, parked up for drivers of both vehicles to consider the next move. Before Ian Kitchen could descend from the Truth Truck he was accosted by a particularly mean Stasi member, Officer 7910 who screamed “you can’t park that there if you do I’ll have it impounded!” He then came over to Mike telling him all the time to move on while wedging himself inside the open car door so Mike was unable to close it! At this time he threatened Mike with the loss of his liberty for not moving his car yet he could hardly do so with a member of the Stasi jamming the door open! Finally Mike was able to close the car door and move on but this was not the last encounter with this fowl excuse for ‘law’ enforcement.

Finally the Truth Truck began its tour around the venue and its environs and our activists joined others in front of the venue Video. Initially, but for a few, the brainwashed minions of the Labour front and its various ‘ethnic’ followers were collected at the far end of the street. From approximately 5pm the British National Party activists were stationed between the venue and a skate park directly across the street. In fact when I first arrived I went directly to Andrew who was leaning against the skate park wall. He had arrived about 10 minutes earlier and had not moved from this spot. As we spoke Andrew became concerned about Peter and an incident that was taking place inside the actual skate park itself. At this point Andrew sped over to Peter’s aid.

As for the incident in the skate Park, this began because Peter had asked the Stasi to move 3 Labour radicals who were standing just behind the Police line at the BNP allocated end. Talking to the Stasi achieved absolutely nothing so the idea was for Peter to make an active point. This was to do exactly the same as the Labour radicals at the BNP end, and so Peter intended to go and stand just behind the police line at their end. It looked as though the Police were setting a precedent and this was the perfect the opportunity to address it.

However as Peter tried this manoeuvre he was stopped so he demanded that the Labour supporters be removed. The Liaison Stasi reluctantly accepted this and he ushered the Labour members into the skate park. Yet the Stasi still let the Labour radicals linger in the BNP area. Peter stood side by side with the Labour infiltrators in the skate park and it was at this point that Peter saw a stockpile of bottles, bricks and other missiles stacked against the skate park wall just behind the Labour radicals. The Stasis eventually intervened with Officer 7910 informing Peter to “take that fucking flag out my face or you will be dealt with’”. The Officers language was certainly choice. Notice the phrase ‘dealt with’ not arrested. The term dealt with could mean anything! At this point Andrew, having dashed over, was grabbed by Stasi Officer 7910. This officer then proceeded to threaten Andrew with the whispered words ‘I know you’re tagged’ then flung Andrew across the street away from the state park shouting “get BACK over there”. Liverpool BNP saw clearly then that this was another Merseyside Constabulary set up. Since 5pm the area allocated to the BNP was gradually getting smaller with more radical Labour gradually appearing. Officer 7910 showed his hand when he manhandled Andrew-for Andrew had never moved away from the skate park. Once again a choreographed pincer movement was being constructed to surround the BNP activists and hem us in.

The whole event was obvious as the two opposing groups were eventually allowed to gather within yards of each other as the night drew closer. The darker it got the more ‘coloured’ the crowd got. The same tactics have been used before. Once the night draws in the bricks and other missiles start flying and the Stasi see nothing. The Liverpool BNP activists beliefs were vindicated as typically one of our Activists-Gary was threatened by a Black with a knife but as expected the police saw nothing. Bricks were also thrown at the Truth Truck. As for the so called innocent skate boarders amongst them! We know they are ardent Labour radicals as they attended one of our Table top campaigns in the city centre. Phil Hayes who runs the Picket was excited to see us in attendance and took advantage of the opportunity to get noticed, making sure to lift any news footage for his next funding application. Hayes was also involved in the ruckus and opposed our visit with the word fascist, this being a code word for anti-White. This weasel Hayes is a personal friend of the virus Bragg and feeds his family off the government funded set up, and is known to dine with the likes of one time Paedophile suspect Pete Townsend. I wonder how many labour25 are on his wine list… In his ‘spare’ time it would seem that Hayes also likes attempting to run down pensioners. He spotted Hazel and Mary, 60 and early 70’s respectively, as they passed by the car park in which Hayes had parked his car. After abusing both ladies, Hayes got in his car and sped out of the car park almost knocking down Hazel and Mary. Hayes also helps recruit for the Labour Union man McFadden who is another friend of Novas and the Picket. McFadden will have had a hand in the plethora of Labour Union sponsored anti-BNP posters plastered around Liverpool.

The Stasi Police are obviously trying to manipulate and encourage a very serious incident leading to the possible loss of life. Any one of those bricks stockpiled in the skate park was a skull crushing weapon. It is obvious that the object was to have one of us killed. This would be a result for the anti-English puppet Government.