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Saturday, 22 October 2011

The BNP and the Death of Muhammad

The BNP and the Death of Muhammad PDF Print E-mail
Written by Green Arrow
October 2011

Gabriel_120_x_90So what have the British National Party to do with the dead paedophile and cult leader Muhammad? Well you will have to wait for for few paragraphs and I will tell you. Actually, it is more to do with some BNP supporters but we will get there.

Now it seems that Muhammad who communicated with God via the angel Gabriel had said that God would not allow him to be poisoned or harmed and yet his death was at the hands of a young Jewess who poisoned his and another's evening meal of leg of lamb (although some say it was actually goat meat), after Muhammad had slaughtered all her kin at a nearby Jewish village.

Now given he had said that God would warn him about poison attempts on his life, Muhammad clearly did not receive a sign from God and along with a guy named Bishr Ibn al Bara, started to eat the poisoned meat.

Muhammad it is said, put some of the meat into his mouth, chewed and then spat it out, saying something like; "This meat tastes like s***", although somewhere along the line that sentence was changed to read "Halt! Verily, its leg tells me that it is poisoned." - and he was right although why the leg of lamb waited until after Muhammad had eaten some of it before telling the prophet of God that it was poisoned is beyond me.

From Ibn Sa'd page 249:
The apostle of Allah and his companions ate from it. It (goat) said: "I am poisoned." He [Muhammad] said to his Companions, "Hold you hands! because it has informed me that it is poisoned!" They withdrew their hands, but Bishr Ibn al-Bara expired. The apostle of Allah sent for her (Jewess) and asked her, "What induced you to do what you have done?" She replied, "I wanted to know if you are a prophet, in that case it will not harm you and if you are a king, I shall relieve the people of you". He gave orders and she was put to death.

Now whilst Bishr died fairly rapidly (perhaps he was a fast eater), the paedophile prophet lingered on in pain for another three years before succumbing to the poison - so perhaps there is a God and he wanted the creature to suffer but who knows.

Well Muhmmad was not going to go and meet his God easily - perhaps he knew the stories he had been spinning to his cult followers were a pile of old crock.

He tried all sorts of cures, always ensuring that those giving him medicine swallowed it as well and also got his friendly angel Gabriel to pray for his cure with no success - God it seems was done with the old paedophile and Muhammad expired leaving a whole lot of trouble behind for us in the future.

So what happened when he popped his clogs? Well his followers were unsure what to do. They said, "no way is the prophet of God dead - he has just gone up to visit God and will be back to reoccupy his body after God has given him his instructions for the day" and so they settled down to wait.

Now here is where it gets interesting, or at least I thought so. Muhammad had been going around telling his cult followers that the bodies of True Prophets did not decompose but would stay radiant for ever and so you can imagine the shock of his followers when the body did start to rot and they were finally forced to bury the putrid mess, although some of his followers still insisted that he would be back if only they were to wait a bit longer.

And that my friends, is what got me to thinking about some of the BNP supporters who comment on this site and who are still clinging to the body of the British National Party long after it has been seen to be dead and rotting - they still ignore the stench of the party corruption and wait for something that is not coming. Bury it now and move on.