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Friday, 6 May 2011

Another savage blow against freedom in the European Union

Another savage blow against freedom in the European Union and Denmark. Lars Hedegaard, President of the Danish Free Press Society and The International Free Press Society, was yesterday found guilty of hate speech under the Danish penal code. His crime – as  previously written about by UK Journalist here,  here and here – was to draw attention to child abuse  and violence against women in Muslim culture. The day after the interview, he stressed that his opinions were about Islam and not intended to refer to all Muslims.
The trial was a Stalinist show trial in which Hedegaard was unable to mount a defence, because under the Fascists Orwellian rules of the Danish legal system he was in effect convicted before his trial took place. In the lower court, however, he was acquitted – but only on the technicality that he had not  known that these remarks, made in an interview, would be made public. A higher court, however, has now decided that Hedegaard did know that his remarks would be made public.And so he has now been convicted of racism.
This technicality should not obscure the terrifying  real issue. The Danish court has convicted Hedegaard of racism for drawing attention to violence in Muslim families. The message Denmark has thus sent out is that it is racist and a crime to seek to defend Muslim women and children from the phenomenon of ‘honour violence’.
Where are the Liberals and western feminists and defenders of free speech now?