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Friday, 20 May 2011

Food for thought Written by American Nationalist

Here is an interesting article from an American patriot , although I do not share his view on giving any credit to Marx in recognising his identification of the problem of the elite Bankers and their drive for global domination, as I believe Marxism was created by the Monies elites, for creating their own opposition using the system of Dialectics, I believe that it is an excellent article that go's a long way to showing who the enemies of all of mankind are!
Written by American Nationalist   
Question_120_x_120Since it is my main position that besides the Devil himself, who is their mentor, the Banksters are the main political enemy of all true populist/Nationalist political movements,. it seems appropriate to expand upon  my logic here.
First let me say that to win any fight one must concentrate upon ones enemy's  central brain.. Flailing away at the limbs and pawns and  other useful idiots is a fruitless activity
The brains of the Globalist and misnamed "multiculturalist" movements in this world are the Banksters.
The source of capital that funds all their activities is the Banksters.
The main push for all the mass immigration  with it's devastating effect on social unity and individual cultures  comes from the Banksters.
Unless we focus our attack on the Banksters all our efforts will be fruitless.
When I wrote"it's the economy stupid,"  it was  to make a point.  Ethnic nationalists had become so concerned with the effects of multicult immigration that they had ignored the necessity to gain support from others outside the ethnic nationalist sphere.  They have become so focused upon what they wanted that they had forgotten to listen to where other peoples main concerns are.
Even worse, they have  ignored the fact that the banksters current move is to engineer a economic crash so large that any consideration other than  where can I get food, clothing and shelter for my family, will be a distant second.
The Banksters Devil inspired main goal is to eliminate world overcrowding not by scientific breakthroughs that will enable mankind to fill God's universe but  by destructive wars and famines that will decimate mankind.
This statement seems unbelievable until you  understand what the Club of Rome is and until you have read some of the uttering's of the main Banksters in their few unguarded moments.
That is because the Banksters plans,  when all the dust settles, are  to "own" virtually everything.
They hold all the ends of the chains of mortgages in which the hapless front street banks and building societies are mere pawns, collection agents that enforce payment from the people, on pain of losing the very roof over their heads. They hold the same financial chains on all the industries and the mineral reserves.
They are just as evil, just as ruthless,  as Karl Marx claimed them to be.  He was not wrong in his assessment of these creatures.  True, he underestimated their intelligence and cunning, and his vision of a social utopia  showed he - in common with most atheists -had no real understanding of Human  nature, But let us give the man his due, he recognized that there would have to be a political struggle against these human parasites.
Others, before his time,  had recognized these evil creatures for what they are.  The most prominent amongst them was the author of the American Declaration of Independence , and the main mentor of the author of the Constitution and Americas third President.  Thomas Jefferson.
He wrote many denunciations of the banksters and their plans. In America his achievements are monumental .Yet it has been  mostly obscured from the general  public  that  the main concerns of this man were directed towards this hidden enemy.
And that is the main Problem with the Banksters.  They operate in the shadows and as far as possible  avoid publicity
An enemy who challenges people openly, a Hitler, Mussolini or a Suleiman, is terrifying yet relatively easy to oppose.  People have no trouble recognizing who is the  enemy and the fear they engender creates  resolve in the hearts of men who go forth to destroy these monsters and protect their families and nations.
But an Enemy whose main weapons are what was once called "the silver cavalry of St. George" infiltrates like a flood,  creating secret agents everywhere, corrupting and molding governments to its will.  That is an enemy that is difficult to see and to fight.   But that enemy,  the Banksters, are our true enemy. and more deadly than all of Hitler's armies put together.
Note the intelligent way they seek to destroy our communities and nations.  The do not oppose directly.
They use their media to smear and disparage.  They use the brain dead druggies who  fill the ranks of communist organizations like the SWP.
Most importantly they use fools and moles inside the nationalist organizations that oppose them.
A mole is a deliberate destructive agent.  a fool is one who takes everything at face value. who is easily led and confused by a mole.
Because of the restrictions of the owner of this site I name no names.  My purpose is to get people to think before they act,  to look for inconsistencies in the activities and statements of so called "concerned nationalists".
There are four basic types of people who cause problems in Nationalist populist political movements the first and the least troublesome  are those who  I will call the "angries."  They are people who are so incensed at the end results of the banksterparenting" by more stable people, who can commiserate with their anguish, but as far as possible keep them operating in a civil mode.
The next  type are not  redeemable.  They are the Haters.  They really despise, the (fill in the blank)   Jews Pakis Blacks , whatever.   They are happy to go along with any movement they think will rid the nation of people they hate. They make remarks in private like "you know Hitler really had the right idea" .  They do not have a clue as to why. normal people, ones not so afflicted by their malady, look at them with disgust.. "Wot?!" they will say " come on  you now I am only saying what we all think!!". and they believe it too.
They. must be permanently blacklisted from any nationalist organization that wishes to be successful. no matter what work they have done in the past  retaining these people for their alleged "nationalist" sympathies is a recipe for disaster.
The third type are usually only. identified after they have caused much damage. they are the Moles.
Since their  goal is destruction or corruption of the true nationalist movement  they are deliberately deceptive.   Like a chameleon they often change positions and allies quickly.   The more intelligent of them cause  enormous destruction, because they  instill feelings of bitterness and hatred against other good people in the movement.
They  are difficult to detect because often times it is a question of  " is this bloke just an extreme egotist or is he being deliberately destructive."
And that brings us to category four.  the Egotist.
The Egotist is one whose own self importance is far bigger than his talent.  He is not in the movement for  the sake of the movement  he is in it  to be the big fish in the small pond.  Fortunately this type is easy to spot.  they work hard, but they always want the  top spot. Not for them the long climb up the ladder.  It is their position they worry about. They want to be the star right now and irrespective of any talent they do  not possess
It is when they are thwarted that  their true character comes into play.  They will often resort to blackmail to hold their position.  In the end when  they have to put the good of the organization ahead of themselves they cannot do it.
IMHO the BNP needs to develop a cadre of leaders of the caliber of Griffin and Brons in order to be around to provide leadership in the very dark year of 2013 which is looming all too close.  People who have a serious heart for all those who will be suffering.  People who will recognize the main enemy and offer support to their comrades in the struggle.