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Wednesday, 11 May 2011

PM Cameron Offers Another Juicy ‘Anti-Immigration’ Carrot – and Proves the British National Party Was Right

Cameron Dangles Another Juicy ‘Anti-Immigration’ Carrot – and Reveals the British National Party Was Right

By Maid of Kent – With plans announced on Monday of a proposed ‘clampdown’ on distant relatives of immigrants being allowed to enter the UK temporarily for family reasons, David Cameron has unwittingly revealed the truth behind the ‘official’ immigration figures – and revealed that the British National Party has been right all along about the real numbers arriving in our country.
However, as usual, this loudly proclaimed clampdown is another Lib/Lab/Con sham to conceal another development in their loss of control of our borders.
While loudly trumpeting their proposed crackdown on immigration abuses in the puppet mainstream media, the Lib/Con government omitted to mention that on the same day it is being obliged by the Courts to abandon its requirement that a marriage or civil partnership involving someone subject to immigration control must have prior permission from the Home Office.
This Court-imposed ruling means that the government will have no control over immigrants using scam marriages as a means of entering the UK and automatically becoming eligible to claim the full range of state benefits.
So this loudly proposed crackdown is nothing more than an attempt to bury bad news and to keep the real truth from the British people.
Announcing a ‘drastic reduction’ in the issue of temporary visas so that only children or parents of immigrants will be allowed to travel to the UK, Home Office figures reveal that around 49,000 distant relatives of immigrants used this scam route to enter the UK last year, and had no intention of leaving.
In a recent speech, Home Secretary Theresa May announced that in 2004 more than two-thirds of the 63,000 people who had entered Britain on temporary visas to visit immigrant families were still here five years later.
That works out at 42,000 extra and officially uncounted immigrants in one year alone.
As readers of the British National Party website have known for years, the officially announced numbers of immigrants coming to the UK from non-EU countries have only included the ‘primary’ immigrant known as the head of household and have not included any of that primary immigrant’s immediate or extended family, who either arrive with him or follow at some time after.
As each primary immigrant can be responsible for an average of 22 other people entering the UK, a figure that does not include their British-born children and grandchildren – and the British-born children and grandchildren of the other 22 – it is not difficult to understand why large parts of our country are populated by non-EU immigrants and their descendents and why the native British people will be a minority in their own homeland within a few short decades.
Naive Britons who do not read the truth on this website have been convinced by decades of ‘official’ and dishonest Lib/Lab/Con government figures, which only count ‘primary’ immigrants and not their extended families, that the numbers arriving here are far less than they actually are.
In addition to the true figures entering the UK are the high birth rates of many non-EU immigrants, whose UK-born children are then counted as ‘British’.
In another ‘proposed’ crackdown announced today, Immigration Minister Damian Green plans to scrap the right of appeal for applicants who have been refused visas to attend weddings in the UK. This follows a previously announced ‘crackdown’ on the abuse of student visas – these two scam immigration routes accounted for 343,000 extra immigrants last year alone.