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Tuesday, 24 May 2011

When Do You Want the British National Party Truth Truck in Your Town?

When Do You Want the Truth Truck in Your Town?

Despite the best efforts of the police, the left-wing media and vile internet gossipmongers, the British National Party’s famous and much-loved Truth Truck made a huge impact in the recent round of elections.
This beacon of hope was seen and heard spreading our message in England, Scotland and Wales by hundreds of thousands of people on the non-stop election tour of the Home Nations.
Newly painted, refurbished, taxed and insured and now displaying our beautiful new logo, the impact of this vital weapon in our armoury must literally be seen to be believed. Therefore, we are now taking bookings and drawing up a schedule for the Truth Truck to tour the length and breadth of Britain, starting in June.
All members, organisers, candidates and supporters are asked to contact their Regional Organiser or local officials and request the Truth Truck to come to their area, and we will make it happen.
Of course, our lovely warrior of the road has just returned from a non-stop marathon of over 4,000 miles. She drank just under £2,000 of diesel and got a few knocks here and there. She was pelted with bricks in “the wrong part” of Swansea and came under fire again when a left-wing lout in Cardiff threw a bottle and cracked the windscreen.
Our once great police force looked on without taking action, but the Truth Truck and the volunteer drivers finished their full tour of duty regardless – we will never be stopped.
So now our warrior of the road needs a full service, which is overdue, and a new windscreen, before she sets off on her next National Tour. But of course this will not all come for free. Although all labour has been freely promised by British National Party members and supporters, the following costs will need to be met:

Windscreen = £400
Oil change, 35 litres = £150
Oil filter = £45
Air filter = £110
Brakes relining = £320
Handbrake reconditioning = £285

Approx costs to be met = £1,500

Our lady of the road always starts, always tells the truth and never moans at the long hours she works for the cause! She keeps on trucking, day after day, even with her aches and pains. She is a powerful weapon in our political war, and she carries her scars with pride. We need to refresh the vital parts of our lovely lady and send her out again shouting, “Here is hope, here is truth, here is the British National Party. BRITAIN WILL BE SAVED.” 
Please donate to this appeal to keep the Truth Truck on the road and coming to a town near you SOON.
When you donate to this Truth Truck Servicing Appeal, it will be like you are sitting in the cab with our drivers and me as we take this beacon of truth and beauty on our new National Tour. You will be standing shoulder to shoulder with me as we take our message of hope to millions with our very own Truth Truck.

Please accept my sincere thanks,
Nick Griffin
Member of the European Parliament

P.S.  You may not know the names of the people who will be given hope by your donation today, but they will carry hope in their hearts that we are here, standing up for their interests when all others have failed them, when they see our Truth Truck.
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