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Saturday, 14 May 2011

Islamic Fanatics Paint Over Bikini Fashion Advertisments In Britain

Muslim Fanatics Paint Over
Bikini Fashion Ads In Britain

Nick Griffin
by Nick Griffin
Member of the European Parliament

Fellow Patriot,
Elections come and elections go,
but the need for the British National Party remains constant.
Every day news items are brought to my attention which show 
that the British people need us to speak out for them and fight their corner.

I follow some themes which emerge from the news

very closely. For some time I have been watching the
growing attempts by Militant muslims to impose their culture and values on us.

It is a real danger and concern that our Political Class is failing

to address or actively colluding with. The latest development is
that Street adverts featuring women in bikinis have been 
defaced in apparently targeted attacks. Most show women
in swimwear by chain store H&M. The damage is
similar to attacks in Pakistan on billboard ads branded
“ un-Islamic” and “obscene” by hardliners.
I have seen reports of bus shelters around Tower Hamlets, 
including many in Limehouse, being hit. People have also
told me of similar vandalism in Waltham Forest.
Similar Ads Before (Left) and After (Right)above

The latest attacks have taken place in Birmingham. 

These actions represent an attempt to bully our populatio
and dictate what is acceptable within our country and culture.

They are effectively saying "These are our streets and we 

will decide what can be displayed on them". In the twisted
world of these fanatics pretty girls advertising swimwear
are something to be attacked.

Ask yourself: Do you want to live in a country where

these religious bigot are the masters?

If the British National Party did not exist to counter these

evil fanatics they would run rampant. We have the guts and
determination to fight them.

It is vital that the British National Party grows in strength
to defend our people and way of life. It is vital that we are 
able to get our message out that fundamentalist fanatics 
are a real and present danger. Will you help me and the
frontline activists in this fight.

If you can send any contribution it will help us get our 

message to more people that radical Islam is a threat to
our survival as a people with a tolerant Christian heritage.

Please accept my sincere thanks,

Please forward this message to a friend