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Wednesday, 18 May 2011

In the Borough at the Heart of London, We Find the Tower Hamlets Taliban!

In the Borough at the Heart of Our Capital City, We Find the Tower Hamlets Taliban!

By Cllr Clive Jefferson –  
The lead rouge in this one is Richard Dart, who converted to Islam in 2009 and renamed himself Salahuddin (the son of teachers). He is one of several extremist Muslim Hate preachers operating in the Tower Hamlets area of East London, now being nicknamed the Islamic republic of Tower Hamlets.
Readers will remember this person as the mouthpiece who made threats to disrupt the Royal Wedding. The area has seen a huge rise in Islamic Extremism, with Asian women receiving death threats for refusing to wear the veil and longer robes. Religious police operating in the Capital City of Britain sounds just too incredible to believe, but this is the reality of life in Tower Hamlets today.
An Asian in his 40s marched into a chemist shop and told the shop owner his employee must cover her head and wear longer robes. ‘If she keeps working here and continues to dress like that, we will boycott you because this is a Muslim area,’ the shop’s owner was told.
Subsequently another, younger, Asian man came into the pharmacy and started shouting at the employee. ‘He said: “If you keep doing these things, we will kill you,”’ recalls a Bangladeshi-born man who witnessed the scene.
It is not the first time such death threats have been issued, and nor are they confined to issues of dress and deportment. In behaviour that some have compared to that of the Taliban in Afghanistan, abuse and physical attacks against gay men and women are also reported to be on the increase.
Those familiar with life in Tower Hamlets are not surprised. They say that such attitudes are commonplace. Residents have grown used to the fact that the council-run libraries are stocked with books and DVDs containing the extremist rantings of banned Islamist preachers.
There is a Muslim faith school where girls as young as 11 have to wear face-covering veils. There are plans to spend hundreds of thousands of pounds of municipal money to build a set of Islamic arches – the so-called ‘hijab gates’, which would look like a veil – at either end of Brick Lane, which is packed with Indian restaurants and clothes shops.
And as these outrages carry on seemingly without anyone taking any action whatsoever to stop this resurgence of religious fanaticism last seen in the dark ages on another continent, there have been allegations of corruption during council elections, with the names of hundreds of Bangladeshi ‘ghost voters’ suddenly appearing on the electoral register.

Under the cloud of these ghost voters, a Mayor – Lutfur Rahman has been ‘elected’. He is pictured (right) with another well-known perverter of the electoral process, Red Ken.
In October, Bangladeshi-born Lutfur Rahman became the first directly elected mayor of Tower Hamlets. He originally stood as the Labour candidate but was deselected by the party amid allegations about his links with an organisation known as the Islamic Forum of Europe (IFE).
The fundamentalist group believes in jihad and Islamic sharia law and wants to turn Britain and other European countries into Islamic republics. Last year, a Labour minister said the organisation had infiltrated the Labour Party and accused it of ‘corrupting our politics’.
Leaders of the group want to impose hardline views on local communities. With bitter irony, it is said to have pocketed £10 million from the taxpayer by attracting state grants designed to ‘prevent violent extremism’.
Dumped by Labour, Mr Rahman ran as an independent (allegedly with the help of the IFE) and romped to victory in what the London Evening Standard described as ‘one of the nastiest campaigns in recent London political history’. Now in power, he has control over a £1.3 billion municipal budget.
‘You basically have a large umbrella Islamist group that appears to have almost a stranglehold over a major council in the East End of London,’ said one local resident. ‘The concern is that this Islamist group has an “us versus them” mentality. Their ideology is basically that Muslims are in the trenches, being assailed by the rest of the world. But they are convinced the Muslims will ultimately triumph. It may sound dramatic, but they are trying to impose Islam on Britain.’
As a result, the borough has a 49.4 per cent Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic (BAME) population — with 33 per cent Bangladeshi. Soon, the borough will become one of a handful of council areas where the BAME grouping will outnumber the white population.
On their own, the figures are not exceptional. But what sets Tower Hamlets apart is the huge amount of political power wielded by the minority. For several decades, Bangladeshis have been heavily involved in local politics, particularly in the ruling Labour Party.
In a Channel 4 Dispatches documentary last year, an IFE activist and Tower Hamlets councillor told an undercover reporter: ‘We’ve got a lot of influence and power in the council – councillors, politicians.’
In view of some of IFE’s more extreme policies, that ‘influence’ is worrying.
For example, IFE leaders were recorded expressing opposition to democracy, support for sharia law and mocking black people. According to one of its leaflets, the IFE wants to change the ‘very infrastructure of society, its institutions, its culture, its political order and its creed . . . from ignorance to Islam’.
One of its members was recorded by an undercover reporter, saying: ‘Democracy, if it means not implementing the sharia, no one’s going to agree with that.’
In the past it has organised meetings with extremists including allies of the Taliban and a man under investigation by the FBI for his links to the September 11 attacks.  Further, moderate Muslims told how the IFE and its allies were enforcing their hardline views on the rest of the community, cracking down on behaviour they deemed ‘un-Islamic’.
Dispatches also claimed that the IFE had helped Lutfur Rahman become leader of the council. He was voted in on a paltry 26 per cent turnout and has an all-powerful role as a directly elected mayor, similar to that of a traditional council leader, with almost total control over a council’s finances. Most worryingly, he cannot be called to account or sacked by councillors.
Councillor Peter Golds, leader of the Tory opposition in Tower Hamlets, says that since Mr Rahman’s election there have been worrying changes in the way the council is run.
Everywhere you look, you can see advertising hoardings ‘censored’ with thick black paint – particularly those that show women in swim wear or people kissing.
There is a battle raging on the streets of Britain. Whether the majority of the population want to believe it or just stick their heads in the sand, please read the above and know: ‘This is coming to a town near you... soon, and the British National Party is quite simply the only political party that stands in the path of the Islamic domination of our country within our lifetime!’
Step forward, please. Join us, donate to our cause or become active in our constant campaigns throughout the UK. Your country really does need you.
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